New Seatbelt, Bulkhead, Brake, and GPS sensors being put into UPS trucks!

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    It's true. UPS mechanics have started putting in new sensors in the UPS trucks. There is a central unit which monitors whether a driver is using their seatbelt, shutting their bulkhead door, and using the parking break. The unit knows whether the truck is moving with a new GPS receiver in the truck. If your truck is moving and your seatbelt and bulkhead door are not on/shut, you may now be fired because of it. If your truck is not moving, and your parking break is not on, same deal.

    For all of you drivers that are taking shortcuts (not using the seatbelt, shutting bulkhead door, applying parking break) between stops, you'd better rethink how you run your route! These sensors will be put in your truck soon enough. You may as well get in the habbit of slowing down and using the correct methods now. Soon you won't have a choice!

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  2. Hangingon

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    LOL.. There will be some way around this or the center manager's are gonna lose alot of their center SPHOR when the run and gunners have to start following the rules.
  3. tieguy

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    We'll still have to come out and catch you to take discipline.

    hopefully this will save a few lives each year.
  4. Coldworld

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    who gives a shi$$ if they put a sensor on a seat belt or bulkhead door. Some here have said that they have had this technology for a long time. I really dont see anything wrong with this.
  5. Griff

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    Old news.
  6. trplnkl

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    It's not old news to me, never heard of it till now. It's just another micro management thing. I don't understand the GPS add on, the diad4 has GPS capabilities already. I've seen sups watching a drivers recorded moves from the previous day.

    oooh I see, this post is spam.....TOS violation?
  7. JonFrum

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    Don't forget the electronic counter installed near the reverse lights that keeps track of every time you back up.
  8. looper804

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    Looks kind of primative to me.Held up by duct tape?
  9. JustTired

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    Actually, I think it's kinda funny.

    They can sit in the office and can tell where you are at, whether you're moving or not, whether your bulkhead door is shut or not, whether your seatbelt is on or not, etc..........but they still can't deliver the packages from the office. That's got to irritate the heck out of somebody!
  10. scratch

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    Maybe this "new" technology will be used to catch drivers who don't go by their Pickup accounts everyday.............
  11. Ms Spoken

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    As for me I really dont care what UPS puts in my truck because I would NEVER move that tin can without having my seat belt on. Just do your job the way UPS wants you to.
  12. BigBrownSanta

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    Ouch. That one had to hurt.
  13. pretzel_man

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    Yes, this is being installed. Yes, the union knows about it.

    This has three purposes. Two are new, one has been around for a while.

    First, it monitors vehicle functions and helps predict engine failures before they occur. Automotive should reduce road calls and maintenance costs.

    Second, are safety metrics. It will monitor and report on seat belt usage, high speed, excessive backing, bulkhead door left open and recording on the DIAD while travelling. This should be easy. Just work safely. Now management will be accountable to it too.

    Third is the GPS piece. It will check for off area travel, excess miles between stops, etc. We have had this for over 10 years.

    We were given a demonstration of this and its very impressive.

  14. upsdude

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    Next time you're in the seat take a look at how far away the ground is. That would be a heck of a tumble, even if parked.
  15. upsdude

    upsdude Well-Known Member

    'Nuf said!
  16. The Brown Santa

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    I went out last week in a brand new 2007 P500, with less than 3000 miles on it. All of these sensors were already installed. Looked alot more proffessionally done so I'm guessing it came from the factory that way.
  17. Brown and Out

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    First of all anyone not wearing the seatbelt is foolish. Think about how much the driving habits of the public have changed. People are nuts. It amazes me how you catch up to the guy who just passed you weaving in and out of traffic at the stop light up ahead. As far as the rest of the technology..... Fine and dandy. News flash....guess what guys they've been watching you. While you're out there peddling your ass off, thinking about your next 10 stops ahead of your day, and everything else that gets in the way, if you're on deck, you've got company. Bring it on!!! It is a game. Depending on your attitude you win or lose.
  18. Ms Spoken

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    How embarrassing would that be if your sitting in front of a customers store and you fell out of your seat. ha ha ha

    It would be one of those man I hope nobody was watching. Only to find out the next day that they had you on camera. This has happend but, I didn't fall out of my seat.:knockedout:
  19. Cementups

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    “Who’s agitating my dots? You agitating my dots?”

  20. upsdude

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    LOL! I had forgot about that one.