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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by 2002kona, Aug 2, 2009.

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    I called in sick wed-fri of this week being fairly ill. When i called in friday I was told I would need a doctors note. I told my sup if i wasn't feeling any better later friday I would see a doctor. My symptoms were quite less severe later that day and saturday they were all but gone. I read our new contract in is states;

    "With prior notification before returning to work, a doctors slip may be required for all absences of (5) or more consecutive days."

    Does the weekend count as those days so I do infact need a note? Since I was feeling better I couldn't really see going to a doctor for symptoms I "had". The five day thing is new to the new contract for us, it was three untill the new contract. Also does the note have to say what I had or just that I am healthy enough to return to work? Thanks for the help.
  2. Baba gounj

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    we've always had the after 5 days rule.
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    it is 5 working days. you might as well get a note that way you are covered.
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    Don't worry about the note. Just tell your boss that after your five day weekend you are feeling right as rain!
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    thanks for the replies. I know we went from a 3 day to a 5 day with the new contract. Our shop steward made an anouncement about it a few months back. Would a doctor really give me a note for an illness that i had several days ago that I am showing no symptoms for now? I don't get sic very often so I don't much about this stuff. Thanks again
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    to my knowledge you are not required to provide a doctors note to the employer... you being the employee has earned sick day pay, which does not require you to provide documentation. you are entitled to call in sick requesting a sick day pay without any infractions.or disipline. option days are to be approved by mgt.
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    At my hub a sick note was required after 3 missed days in row. I don't know if it is still the same with the new contract.
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    where is this language located in the contract?
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    not sure what its called, its the last section that is the most localized part of the contract booklet. oh and when I got in this morning my sup said nothing to me about a doctors note. My steward comfirmed it was 5 consecutive workin days. He also talked to the center manager about what my sup said and that if it continued we would start filling grievences for harassment
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    This is my opinion in the Southern Region. I would think the union would make the same arguement. In our region, under Holidays, you have 3 options. Option 3 includes 7 paid days off. 5 sick days and 2 personal days. Here is the kicker. The contract specifically states that the employee will be paid for the fist 7 days that the employee does not work.

    The company tries to say that a sick day must be for proven illness. The contract states that you are paid for the first 7 days out.

    If you as an employee are paid for the day no matter what, then how can the company possibly discipline an employee for using an earned benefit? The days are earned by number of days reported the previous year and you get paid. To me, it would be the same for disciplining a person for using their insurance. We have not had any problems with it and I do not see any in the future.