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    So, our center is getting an automated small sort put in. Don't quote me on that exactly, but it's being placed as we speak with an expectation of being up in 2 weeks. Currently we are dumping bags, flipping the boxes/letters so the labels to be face-up and then scanned.

    Anyone have any information on this thing? Has one been put into your location? If so, where did the employees go after it was installed?
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    Ours is getting one too. No known eta. Equipment/construction is going on behind a sheet/barricade next to the current small sort.

    Regardless of what people may think about the implications of machines taking work from employees, an upgrade in my building's infrastructure is long overdue. I don't know how the primary sort aisle is going to make it through another peak, personally.
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    They usually put in more bag destinations so you dont end up losing any jobs. You will need people to label, zip and replace the forever bags.
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  5. silenze

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    The best jobs are placing the smalls on the trays.
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    It's called a SLAW feed smalls label face down thru a belt that runs through the scans the bar code and prints a PAL. Then an air hose forces the PAL sticker to blow down and onto each package/envelope/bag. It is much faster than laying out and hand scanning everything.
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    They installed one in our hub a couple years ago. It's huge! I've only walked by it never looked inside. Ours take up the space of a package car center (40 something package cars).

    Seems a crew works the upper part opening bags and dumping.

    Something sorts the smalls onto a conveyor with flaps and has lasers scanning the packages. The conveyor spins around pretty fast and revolves around the whole area. When the package reaches it's destination the flap opens and drops the small into a bag.

    The crew at the bottom zips up bags when they're full and replace empty bags onto the hooks.
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    robot, not that kind of thing..