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    Hello fellow UPSers, I'm looking for advice. I have only been with UPS for 3 months, I started unloading. After about a month I took the sup test and went to hazmat training. I've been the unload sup for about 2 weeks. I'm running my ass off! Checking all packages sitting around the hub, unsure if they packages should go on the belt. I'm constantly restarting the belt in the load wall, we have 3 other sups too. The FT sup is on my ass a lot and asking me why the belts are off. Is this the norm?
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    As a sorter, that sounds about right. I hear my PT sup getting yelled at on the radio every single day due to belt stoppages. I think he's pretty much learned to ignore it for the most part. I'm not suggesting that you do the same by any means, it's just that things are really bad in my building right now. We're woefully understaffed and getting blasted by pre/post-peak level volume at least 2 days a week, usually 3.

    I imagine the job will get easier for you in time, just ask your fellow sups for advice. Like you said, you've only been at it for 2 weeks. My newest PT sup took over a month to get used to it.
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    There are 2 sups always and the other one in small sort. They are a lot closer than me to handle the load wall and jams. My boss says it's my job to keep the belts on, ugh! I'm insanely frustrated!!!
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    Also I'm unsure of what packages need to be put on the belt from the trucks and other areas. How do I know if it's a resend from a truck? Or packages I find sitting around? Obviously I haven't received much training
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    Send agains have a service cross drawn on the box and the spa label crossed out.

    Know your building's slic. Anything with a different slic goes on the belt. If it has your slic, then check for a service cross.

    If you put a send again on the belt, no big deal. But if you miss putting a picked up piece, that's a missed piece.
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    Ask questions....find a preloader you "supervise" who's been then awhile and ask them. Or ask a FT sup. Just because you received insufficient training does not mean you are incapable of learning. Learn what areas (zip codes, town names, etc) that your building covers in terms of delivery. Understand what info is available on each PAL label...including the date and time a package was scanned and the label was printed, and the employee ID who scanned it.

    Yes, always "demand" we keep the belts on.....that's standard operating procedure for a PT sup. You yell at me to turn the belt back on and I yell back that it's unsafe and I have to break a jam first....etc.
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    Get used to the FT riding your arse, it's all a part of the game.
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    ask other supes at your hub.. the ones here are worthless.
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    Ask that little twerp ft resident suit ..lmao
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