New TCD driver.

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  1. Im in the southern region. Just curious as to what the pay rate is for a TCD driver?
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    $18.75 TCD start pay I believe
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    Temporary Cover Driver pay is 85% of top wage in the Southern Region. It was $28.65 before our last August raise, so it's $29 and change now. If you get through your packet (delivering ground, 30 working within 120 calendar days) before going full time you will stay at 85% through progression to top rate.

    Full time starting wage is $18.75 for off the street and new FT drivers that have not yet qualified. Four year trip to top rate.

    I highly recommend you find a contract book and read it.
  4. Oh okay. That soounds great . I was in the WH for 10 months then they random just told me oi was going to driving school to become tcd . now does peak count towards that 30 within 120 ???? cause if not its kinda impossible at this point right cause 120 days from now we will still be in peak
  5. a couple mor replys would helo out guys
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    Western Region is $26.422
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    Why? All the info you requested was provided by Oak and he was right on the money. I second the notion to get your hands on a copy of the contract and southern supplement. It will answer all your questions. It's available online as well as in hard copy.
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    Are you still a TCD driver? I have opportunity to do it but i very afraid of how often i would work.
  9. 85% of top rate.