New teamsters contract includes “substantial” pay raises.

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  1. "The contract preserves health-care benefits and boosts pension contributions, making it a win for UPS Teamsters “at a time when workers and their pay, benefits and working conditions are under attack by corporate America,” Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa said in a statement." -Still think FedEx is a "people" company?
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    A UPS driver will be making about $20 dollars AN HOUR more then Vantexan and me.
  3. Same here. But hey it's ok. PSP.
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    I'll take P-S-P any day over union thugs and the way they control corporations. GOD BLESS FRED SMITH!!
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    Have you guys ever seen the shipping charges for a 53footer(UPS OR FDX) that is at 100%. About 5 full loads will easily pay a UPS drivers annual salary. UPS and FDX are both making insane profits.
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    Make sure you guys all read all the comments about the supposed new deal. It's not done yet.
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    True, but even if they stayed exactly where they were, they'd still be light years ahead of us.
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    Any time you guys at fedex want to match my pay check my free health insurance free dental insurance and my 5400 hundred dollar pension let me know. I made 101k last year driving a tractor trailer what did you guys make?
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    Here's the reality. You make essentially double what we do, and in terms of retirement, 3 times as much. Our RTD's (feeder drivers) top out in major markets at around $27 per takes over 20 years to get there, so many of them are working for far less. I know a bunch of RTDs, and used to be one myself. Currently, they are struggling to even get 40 hrs in most locations, and OT is usually hard-capped at 50.

    With a wife and a couple of kids, we are in at about $400 per month for Medical and Dental. Both have high co-pays and deductibles and the Dental was recently cut so restorative work (crowns, bridges etc) is paid at only 50%. Our insurance is a joke.

    Pension? Try around $1800-$1900 per month for a 25-years of service retiree. And that is for someone maxed-out under the old plan, which no longer exists. Under the PPP, newer employees get a cash annuity, and a puny monthly payout that might fill your gas tank once or twice. So, someone who started as an RTD today and worked 25 years would really have just the annuity, with no meaningful pension coming-in.

    Most RTD's I know made between $45-55,000 last year, and the $55,000 is only attainable if you are near top-of-range, which takes basically forever. Also, this is a job that is directly comparable at both companies. The FedEx RTD works just as hard as the UPS feeder driver. Same skill set, same level of work. I was a seasonal feeder driver for several years at UPS and easily did the job as well as their people, so I know the jobs are essentially the same.

    Bottom line: We will never match your wages and benefits.
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    More than double. Geez.
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    Are you under the impression we're saying FedEx is better than UPS? If you are you are very mistaken.
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    By Fred I think he's got it!!!
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    They are cutting overtime in feeders on most jobs so you must be mileage or have one of the jobs they havent shortened. If you are vacation coverage with high seniority you might get to 101k income covering mileage.

    I know alot of feeder guys who make much less than the package drivers because they get no overtime except during peak and winter with weather issues.

    Also $5400.00 pension? Thats alot of years of service working for brown and I would bet not that many retired Teamsters on avg. come close to that high of a pension amount. I might be wrong?

    Some drivers are making this kind of money in feeders but YOU HAVE TO HAVE ALOT OF YEARS IN TO GET CLOSE.

    So alot of guys in feeders are making well under 75k a year. In package it is rare to make less than that dollar amount.
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    They still have a much better deal than we do. About 15 years ago, we had an RTD hit $71,000, and the feces hit the fan because he made more than his manager. Turned out he practically lived at the ramp, and would do anything for hours. If there was something to be done, he got the call, and was averaging 60 hrs per week. I heard that the manager got a letter, and the RTD was thoroughly investigated. Manager lasted another 3 months and was fired.
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    I just wanted to point out that this income level of 101k is the high end for a UPS feeder driver and the avg. feeder income is much lower. Basically with the new gps system they have now UPS is going to be able to streamline the feeder operation big time.

    I guess having flight benefits at FDX Express wont make up for the income difference between Brown and Express.
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    those flight "benefits" have been a joke for years. I can finagle better deals on my own and not have to step aside and wait and be treated like I'm somehow free-loading a ride. Just more BS benefits from the People Company

    oh, and just in case I haven't mentioned it - FedEx SUCKS!
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    Having access to the standby tickets while working at Express was the one benefit I actually enjoyed. Used it probably 3 or 4 times a year. Basically 80 bucks roundtrip anywhere you want to go in the US. Used to be even cheaper but Express raised the price to be able to profit off of it a little more then they did in the past. Used to be you just paid the taxes and fees which was about 40 roundtrip. Now it's 2 separate charges. One is FedEx travel processing fee. The other is for the actual ticket. You can also fly intl but not sure of the exact price. It was a great benefit. As far as you being able to "finagle better deals on your own". Not possible. I used to check the full fare ticket every time I flew somewhere standby. Anywhere from 350-800 round trip. It's the one thing about working at Express I will miss. Many employees that use it also don't know this little trick. No need to wait in the regular flyer security line. You can flash your FedEx ID and go thru the airline employee security check. And I don't get your "free load" comment. It's not freeloading. It's standby. Full fare paying customers get seats before standby people do. Not really that hard of a concept. Do you know how many travelers would give there left n*t to have access to $80.00 standby tickets to fly anywhere they want?

    Of course the whole thing is kind of a double edge sword for Express employees. Access to standby tickets because Fred pays off the politicians to have Express classified as an airline. LOL. So that keeps our wages in the gutter. But hey. Cheap airline tickets. LOL. Made the switch to UPS. If all works out and I eventually land a permanent FT driver spot then I could actually afford a full fare plane ticket. Imagine that
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    The flight benefits aren't really very good, and Route 66 is correct, you can often get a better deal on your own.

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    I don't mind paying more to know I have a guaranteed seat.