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    Hey everybody, i never knew there was a ups forum :surprised: well here's a little about me and my history with ups. I'm 22 years old, i've been doing driver helper for ups since 2008, i'm currently going into my 4th peak season. I've only done driver helper, i hope every year is that special year where i am invited to work year round. my grandpa drove freight for ups for 35 years, that is my ultimate goal.

    i've just graduated from communtiy college and i'm looking for a university. I have a degree in criminal justice. I really want to work as a ups driver, but obviously i am not relying on just that. I walso want to be a parole officer.

    ok thats all :happy-very:
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    They just all start out so young & happy. Don't shatter his dreams. Go easy.
  3. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I'll be gentle.

    Use your degree.

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    not the first time a upser has told me that.......
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    Hopefully the "use your degree" part.:wink2: