New to brown cafe. Also have a question.

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    I am new to the cafe, but not to u.p.s. I have been loading and sorting for the past 3 years.I have a question and if anyone knows the answer, it would help a lot. I moved down to Tallahassee from north Georgia to attend college and I have to go on a 4 month internship in order to graduate from college. I talked with my H.R and H.R. representatives and they both said I could take a personal leave because they do not do educational leave, yet they do military and medical as long as my building manager was OK with it. He then talked with someone and they informed him that I couldn't take a 4 month leave. They said I could quit and reapply when i got back, but I do not want to lose my benefits. It is all for my education and when I get back I wanted to transfer back to Georgia to attend more schooling.I was talking to a union rep and he told me that he thinks there is a 6 month window that if i quit I can possibly reapply and have the same benefits I had when I quit. He said its just a matter of the way you tell the manager.SO I am going through the Union agreement and trying to find something about this window.Thanks.
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    Good luck I've never heard of this.
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    Nope ... that dog don't hunt.