New to company and new to here, please help!

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  1. tacofrogcheese

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    Im new and know I should look around a little bit more, but I have a few lil issues and wanted to gain perspective from veterans.

    First some background...

    I am 25 and a transsexual, not a flasy type or a druggie or a hooker or an old dood wig wearer. I dress for my job like any other person (hoodie and jeans and boots), am attracted to women and have a girlfriend and we are expecting our first (my second) baby. I have a stable home and am also a senior at my local college.

    I started at UPS in DEC 2009 at a small hub in a small southern state. I was supposed to go to night ans an unloader, even talked and toured with Sup. I actually started as a driver helper cause they asked and i volunteered. From day one I was with the same veteran driver on the same route, everyday, for about a month. We built a repore, and shared stories, complaints, etc.

    I was then asked 2 weeks in to work as an unloader in preload in addition to my driver helper position. I gladly took this opportunity to "prove myself", which I think I did, I worked my ass off.

    I worked unload for about 2 weeks and was told id be hired after PEAK. I was and that was cool. One day while unloading by myself with a PT Sup scanning, I overheard him and his immediate superior debating my sexuality. I watched my Sup tell him "I thought he was gay" while my P/T Sup scanner guy responded "look at his back", referencing the line of my sports bra which i pretty much have to wear because i got boobs. I locked eyes with the FT Sup and went about my business.

    After unloading the truck, I was told by the Sup to wait in the EREG area while he spoke to one of his superiors, away from me. He returned and put me to work on heavies, stating "c'mon big man, you can do it, put some muscle in it". and several other statements with the word "man" prominently inserted into his orders. This was not like this guy at all. Later on in the shift, he started being nice to me after I asked another 2 year co-worker who my hr/civil rights goto guy was.

    I still worked and did my job very well. I am very meticulus and fast and rarely have stacks of boxes outside my truck doors. I was told one day to load brown trucks because we were having problems with missloads. The guy I replaced had alot and was sent to unload. I had 3 trucks and after 2 weeks only a single missload. This is now.

    A few days ago i was asked if id be interested in p/t supervisor position. I wrote a letter and completed a cover sheet on friday. I understand I will be out of the union if i got this position. My driver friend says I should go for it.

    I have been a permanent pt employee since JAN 02, 2009.

    Id like to know if it's a trap to get rid of me.

    Am I covered under anti-discrimination policy, even out of the union? It was in my understanding that I was.

    or Am I some sort of affirmative action hire?

    Did my driver have anything to do with my progress?

    I am so lost here. I like the union because of the protections, esp in my at-will employment state.

    I dont plan on driving cause in dec ill be graduating. My family could really use the extra money.

    Please help. Even if you hate my "kind".


  2. drewed

    drewed Shankman

    You havent gained seniority so it doesnt matter UPS could fire you for whatever reason...thats being said I dont see it as a trap
    Youll gain bennies if you become a sup I forget what the policies are on same sex and domestic partnerships..
    Ive seen what I believe to affirmative action promotions every place Ive worked, I havent seen it on basis of gender affiliation just race or religious backgrounds
  3. LastBest&Final

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    What do you got to lose? They have a hard time finding anyone to do that job around hear, except for the new hires because they don't know any better.
    Part-time supervisor is not the greatest job at UPS, but if your leaving in Dec., it wouldn't be that bad for you. It could help to have a some management experience for your resume.
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    Troll Alert
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    lol @ this whole thread
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    I think it's Tooner getting us back when we could not help her with her "tranny" problem. :funny:
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    TFC, Why put all this thought and pressure into this? I mean were talking 8.50/hr job (maybe a little more as a p/t sup and a notch for your resume). With little or no desire to take UPS to the next level upon graduation, I bet Taco Bell pays as much. But I'll tell ya, never had frogcheese on a taco, and I've eaten some funkey ****, or is that some kind of sexual innuendo geared towards a certain female anatomy....:sick:
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    Are you another Bbag fake noob???

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    DAMN IT HOAX!!!! I just sat down with my first cup of coffee:happy2::happy2:
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    Ditto that, OMG!!!
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    Welcome to BrownCafe, Tacofrogcheese! We don't discriminate against anyone here, and I don't believe UPS does either. They are only interested in a body who comes to work everyday and does the job.
    Actually, I think your job would be MORE secure if you announced your transsectual-ness. They would then be afraid to fire OR discipline you.

    Good luck, and let us know what happens!
  13. pickup

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    hey tacofrog , so many details left out, post op ?, pre op? hormones?, passable?, phone number? (Ha, ha , nah! just kidding) Seriously, which bathroom do you use when you need to go? When they asked gender on your application, what did you put down? Too many pertinent details left out! I'm sorry, we are not trolling for trannies here.
  14. Kraetos

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    This is a huge conspiracy thread by HR to see how we will respond, keep you anonymity! LoL...
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    If you can load my truck for two weeks without a misload, welcome aboard.

    I have to agree with Steve ( I agree with you a lot Steve I just don't seem to take as many pictures) if there is something said and you want a clarification just ask.

    You 'll find it takes thick skin to work at UPS regardless of your situation.
    Petty office politics or whispering about each other doesn't get the packages delivered. Just be honest and do a quality job.

    Good luck,
  16. tacofrogcheese

    tacofrogcheese preloader galore

    Thanks for the advice!
  17. tacofrogcheese

    tacofrogcheese preloader galore

    I've never worked in food service. Innuendo is cool, got big doses in the military and government law enforcement. I expect some in the hub. Doesn't bother me, I do my job.

    Nah, I'm real and I really have to go to work at 0345!

    I am waiting for a letter from my doctor stating that I specifically have "gender dysphoria." I actually applied here because the state offers no anti-discrimination laws. I din't want another job where I could be a great, efficient, and punctual employee and just get fired.

    I'm pre-op, hopefully going to Thailand next year to get things remedied. I am on hormones and things are noticable. I don't really go to the bathroom at the center because my shift is so short and I don't really sweat alot, hence no need for alotta watter causing me to hafta pee. As far as gener I put male cause its on my license and didnt wanna risk getting fired later for falsyfing information on my application.

    I have a pretty thick skin and nothing really bothers me. The other day I informed some unloaders that if they had a problem with me or needed clarity, they could meet me in the field across the street after shift. I am still 6"5" regardless of my sex. Needless to say there were no takers. It's just the culture of the center. I can curse just like the next person! I am not a **** starter or a person expecting more that I deserve.
  18. City Driver

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    you were born a female and you are 6'5? i find that hard to believe
  19. stevetheupsguy

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    You guys are never gonna get that stuff cleaned up, LOL.

    Uh Oh, is it too late to start wearing a Burka? No offense to any religious Burka wearers. Guess I shoulda just said Ninja outfit, no offense to any Ninja's/Ninj-i out there.

    Note to self: Get Re-Raise's email and send him pictures to upload to Brown Cafe.

    Were you shorter before the hormones?
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    I don't think the folks at Kodak take as many pictures as Steve.
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