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  1. scoobypanda

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    Hi everyone. I finally registered because I need a little help. I am the safety co-chair for our building and I really need to get some feedback from other centers and buildings. Anyone who is involved with injury analysis or is a co-chair please let me know what you have for injury and accident frequencies for last year. planned or actual or both. Thanks.
  2. brownmonster

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    22 acidents in a 56 car building last year. 5 so far this year. Supes are going nuts.
  3. UPS Lifer

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    This is really your manager's job to help coach you and give you training. However, you can get with your Safety Manager for the district and he can provide you with any thing you need. Your district should have this info posted on the HR page of the Intranet. There are also training modules that you can take to learn more about the job and how to help conduct a meeting. Make sure you do not get corralled into running the meeting by yourself. You should always have your manager at these meetings and the Plant Engineering supervisor or mgr should attend at least one or two a month. If safety is a priority everything else falls in line.

    Nobody can do that job by themselves so make sure you are getting the support you need.

    Good Luck - This is good experience for you!
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    So what do you have for plan this year? 11 accidents or 15?:surprised:
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    Thanks Lifer, I have been doing this for a while now and our injuries and accidents continue to improve, but my d.m is claiming our numbers only look good because our district is sooooo bad. I don't really believe that and I am hoping to get some frequency numbers from other parts of the country to use as a barometer. I only have access to numbers from my district so any help would be appreciated. Thanks again.
  6. UPS Lifer

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    I tried to transfer the chart off from the Pacific Region.... this is the best I could do. These are December numbers -

    I will see if I can find an excel worksheet - but I still think your Safety Mgr has access to every Region and can get the District Ranking for every district and region.


    Best in Class
    Most Improved
    Auto crash frequency (package/feeder)

    Southeast Cal
    North Cal
    Tier III auto crash frequency

    North Cal
    DART frequency
    (all operations)

    Southeast Cal
    Southeast Cal
    Lost-time injury frequency
    (all operations)

    North Cal

    North Cal
    Package driver DART frequency
    (Package centers)


    Helper Injury Frequency
    (Package centers)

    Southeast Cal

    Southeast Cal
  7. brownmonster

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    We all plan for no accidents. They happen. Memorizing pages of safety tips don't matter. It's not a Sunday drive out there it's a constant race against the clock. We have 5 acidents now and may not have any the rest of the year. You never know.
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    I am also a co chair. You should be able to get all the numbers you need from the 'tools' portion of the safety part of the corporate web. There is also co chair training that will give you all those numbers. If you still cannot find them, Liberty can get them for you.

    There is another thread here about DOK questions. 2ish years ago, we started PCMing DOK daily. We also had weekly quizzes and constant discussion. Our numbers went from double plan to just under plan. Coincidence??? Hard to say. My plan for this year is to continue what we have been doing, cannot argue with where our numbers have gone.

    We also started doing safe work method demos. I think the most illuminating demo was walking vs pulling into driveway and turning around. It takes a really, really, long driveway before pulling in saves time.

    In 3 years, our center has gone from backing and hitting stationary objects as being our most frequent accidents; to hit while parked as being most frequent.

    So, this year, we will still focus on avoiding backing accidents, but will add more parking scenarios into our PCMs and safety demos. We still want to avoid backing crashes, but because hit while parked has become a big number, per the safety manual, we will need to add that to our discussions.

    Hard to say if it will help. Our last 3 hit while parked were all ruled unavoidable. 2 were backed into, the hitters were both commercial drivers that backed a long way to hit us, both admitted to only using one mirror. In both instances, our guy was on the horn and flashing lights trying to avoid the hit. The other instance was an unlicensed driver that passed too close. Clipped her mirror on our bumper. Plastic Saturn needs new door, UPS vehicle: can't tell it was hit.

    You can also invite a corporate safety person and a Liberty Mutual person to attend a safety meeting or 2. Ask them for input...

  9. barnyard

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    Not true.

    We are planning on 11 accidents in our center this year, I think 5 injuries, but would have to double check.

    Ask one of your safety committee members, they will know what the plan is for your center and possibly your district.

    Currently, my district is running 2X's the goal for backing accidents.

    What's the 1st rule of backing? Don't.

  10. Hangingon

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    Or just do like our center manager did last time someone called from the road with an injury. Told him the new plan for 2008 was anyone who gets injured obviously wasn't working safely and will be fired when they report back to the center. He wasn't kidding and scared the guy enough to finish the route with help. I guess that's one way to lower the frequency.
  11. UPS Lifer

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    When it comes to plans never tell someone that you plan on having so many of this or that! That may be a center or district plan ... but your personal plan should always be ZERO.

    To put it in perspective.... If you were going to surgery and you asked the surgeon what your chances were and the surgeon replied that his/her plan was to drop from 15 fatalities to just 11 this year.... would you actually go into surgery with that person?

    It is all about attitude....and your folks need to sense the expectation.
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    Safety??? At UPS???? Never heard of it!!
  13. brownmonster

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    Had accident number 6 yesterday in our center. I think people are on pins and needles because it's all that's ever talked about. Good drivers are losing confidence. Suprisingly raising stops per car and cutting routes doesn't seem to be helping. Maybe taking away 5.8..ah never mind.