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Hey everyone I am new to the forum! I have been thinking about working for UPS for a while and want to get some information among fellow workers there!

I've tried searching but I get confused everytime, How much do starting drivers make driving the UPS truck around town delivering packages to the indivudual? I read on the site that it says 24.69/hr

What do you guys thinks?


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Yeah! It's a real slice of heaven; a piece of cake. You start right out making that kind of money, get raises all the time, and all that exercise just makes you feel "alive". You won't be able to wait to get back to work the next day to "drive the UPS truck around the neighborhoods to individuals."

Sorry dude, but what you've seen and read is 1/100th of 1% of what you think is involved in this job-part time, full time, and managerial. My first suggestion is to read many of these posts and also the archives. Not trying to talk you out of anything, but you need to have the full story.

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There's a 2 1/2 year progression period to get to top pay. Right now, top pay is $27.30, at least where I'm located. I believe starting pay is $14.50 with small raises spread throughout the progression period. If you've never worked for UPS before, you should know that there's a strong chance you'll have to wait in line for a full time position. Every now and then, UPS will hire drivers off the street, but that's almost unheard of. When I got hired 10 years ago, I was told by HR to expect a 10 year wait, only took me 8 and I condsider myself lucky. Good luck though, the part-time benefits alone are worth putting up with long wait for full-time work.

Oh yea, welcome to the forums!


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FT driver starting pay is $14.70 here, top pay is $27.19....i have known some in my bldg who waited 10 or 15 years as PT employee.


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I think its $14.70 in Colorado also. I was helper and my drivers were putting the "seed" in my head about driving. I laughed and smacked that idea down. I was in fair shape when I started as a helper but I lost a few pounds. Inside the hub I've lost a few more. The point: this is a very physical job. I think my building's turnover is at about 75% for inside employees. My brother was a high school athlete when he started at UPS and he admitted waking up almost dead the Saturday of his first week in the hub. -Rocky


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the long waits depend on where you drive.
I waited 6mo, in a small 30driver center.
and in the two years I drove, the next 6 out of 8 drivers hired
were off the street.