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    A little about me - I'm 28 and have been looking for a PT job to go along with my other PT job. I currently work for Hy-Vee (midwest grocery chain) and worked overnights there for 4 years, so moving boxes, deconstructing pallets, moving boxes from A to B is nothing new to me. I was FT there, but dropped down to PT and moved to a Day shift (may go back FT, undecided).

    Basically, I have a financial goal that I would like to accomplish the next 6 months. I applied to be a night (5pm-10pm) package handler. I know the pay is not super, but the benefits (after a year?) are. considering its PT work for FT benefits.

    I have read A LOT of negative feedback about UPS, though I take those with a grain of salt...after all, how do I know you aren't one of those workers that I despise because of how slow you go?

    I am (maybe?) interested in making a career with UPS..but have no aspiration to be a driver. Just doesn't seem appealing to me. So my questions are as follows:

    1. Starting from package handler, what sort of pay increases would I see, and at what frequency? Would also to be nice to hear a starting wage, and if you are able to negotiate a higher wage if you have experience doing that kind of work (not sure my current job would qualify).

    2. What is the management path starting from Package Handler? Handler > Supervisor?

    3. Is there any possible FT, year round work for people who do not wish to drive?

    That is all I can think of for now. Thank you for all serious responses :)
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    I'm not sure if starting wage is the same in different areas. For my area its 10$ but you can ask to try and become a sorter and will get 1$ increase. Raises come once a year. As far a pt sup goes you can as the ft sup and tell them you have interest or you may get asked by other pt sups or ft sup if you want to become a pt sup. ive been there for over a year and a half and have been asked the pt sup question over 10 times . Tho i should mention moving boxes at a grocery store and moveing boxes for ups is a whole differnt balll game. Best thing to do is give it a go. If its not for you its what it is. Maybe you will stick around. Good luck with what ever choice you make.
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    I completely understand the differences in work between doing Night Stock and doing THIS kind of job. I just personally feel considering my work ethic (you only move as fast as you want to) that the job wouldn't be incredibly hard to adjust to.

    As far as career paths, I am still kind of confused on your answer. So the progression is handler > PT Supervisor > FT Supervisor?

    I have read more then a few reviews about Supervisors being sell-outs, having a crappy job that is not worth the pay, yada yada. I am more curious (if indeed I do want to make a career with UPS) if going the supervisor route is the only way to get FT work there (which is considered a FT supervisor I'm guessing from your answer?)

    Also curious what kind of pay increase Supervisors get once they get "promoted". I have read that Supervisor's are no longer union workers, and therefore have to pay (no idea how much) for their own insurance, which to me seems like any raise given there would not really be a raise at all, unless the raise is substantial.
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    GetTacosOrDieTrying What's in the box!!!!!?

    Well you start as a hourly pt package handler. You let a p/t sup or even a ft sup know you are interested in becoming a p/t sup. if they like you and they need p/t sups you will probably get it. Thats how a few fellas that started after me became p/t sups. As far as f/t sup goes that will take time to get. Most of the f/t sups i know have 10+ years in the company. They want the f/t sups to have some kind of collage education from what ive been told it does not have to be anything particular just collage. As far as pay increase goes i dont know. But to be honest in a few years most hourlys will be making more the p/t sup. correct no union and have to pay out of pocket for insurence. But package driver and mgmt arent they only things you can do there. Depending on your area there are many things you can do for ups. The friends who i know that worked there for a while are doing well. Own a house and some raising families all thanks to ups and thats on a mgmt level and union hourly level. Best thing to do is apply take the tour and ask questions.
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    Yeah I plan on asking a few career related questions. I have read a lot of horror stories from people as I stated earlier. I firmly believe that a great work ethic (along with maybe a smudge of butt kissing) can present to you quite a bit of opportunities.

    While I currently do not own a bachelor's, even though I have completed some courses at the local CC, it is something I would like to resume this winter. Which is another reason I am looking at UPS, the tuition reimbursement seems pretty nice. I've read a few entries that state "use it for college and get out". But since I am 28 and not getting any younger, I would really like to find a place that can reward me financial stability if I put in the blood, sweat, and tears.
  6. Move along.
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    It's gonna be a lot of hard work and you will most likely lose 10lbs of weight.

    There's plenty of options that you can move to after you are a loader or unloaded. It might take 30 days to become a sorter because you have to learn the sorts and the zip codes.

    For full time you need a bachelors degree or 3 years experience in ups.
    Everyone else is correct for part time sups.

    Once you sign up you can view non Union job offers in Search mco or jobs.

    For part time work it is consist and like you said starting pay is not great. But after 10 years you will make $10 more per hour Depending on how your local contracts are.
    Lurk around the form more and read the unread messages to learn more. That's what I did.
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    Where theirs a helpful smile in every aisle. Find a sort that fits in with your other PT HyVee job. Then follow whichever route works best for you. Big money is not always the best route to take. You would hate to spend 30 years at a job you can't stand just because it pays more money versus a job you want to go to everyday.
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    Welcome to our community. We require that everyone remain anonymous here.

    If your current username is your real name please change it in your account settings or I would be happy to help you with that. Just start a conversation with me or use the Contact Us link.

    Let me know if there is anything else I can do for you.
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    Thank you to ihatewinter for the information...really appreciate it.
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    My mistake, fixed :)
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    No problem.
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    Supervisor pay is crapnow a days.Salary long hours etc. UPS is a place that will give you a pension as long as you dont twisted up in the stupity of the managers over thinking their place in the world. Frustrating job.Yes. Stupid at times yes. Idiots telling you what to do that have no clue. YES.A job with a pension that most jobs dont have. Yes.
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    Thanks for your input. At the V they also like to "promote from within" and have years of experience dealing with 19, 20, 21 year old "assistant managers" that think because their name tag is black and special that they know what they are doing and they are the king. I despise those people that think they have nothing to learn. I personally believe that leadership and respect are things that you earn, not automatically given to you. When I was leading the night crew, that is how I always went about it. Show your team you're not scared to sweat your ass off and they will respect and follow you.

    I am, however, kind of scared of ALL the negative feedback about being a PT Supervisor. I think after all my google and forum searches I have found MAYBE two that state something a long the lines of "challenging job, but rewarding if you can handle it". Like I said originally, I may want to make a career with staying union is most likely not in my future if I don't want to drive. I could be misinformed there.
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    Why would you become a supervisor? When your a sup, you are on call 24/7 and a FT sup could be transfered anywhere at anytime. UPS owns you at that point.
    Union benefits are way better. FT driver pay is 38 an hour for :censored2:s sake!
    Yes there is FT union work for non drivers but those positions are hard to come by and only exist in the big hubs

  16. NoleInOmaha

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    I am assuming the FT Sup is the one that is on call 24/7 and not the PT Sup, correct me if I am wrong there.

    IMO, every company "owns" you when you sign the papers to be hired. Hy-Vee being employee owned is no different. I am always approached to do things that are not in any shape or form in my job description, then throw it in your face if you say no that "you need to care more about the store!". I've developed a "it's whatever" mentality to that.

    As far as not being a driver, there are mainly two reasons. One, I have 2 DUIs on my record. Two, driving around all damn day in a truck just doesn't sound fun to me. To each their own!

    Looking forward to getting some clarification and answers next Tuesday during my walk.
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    Yeah, you probably should have left this part out.
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    they abuse the part time sups to. They are on a salary, so they get paid the same no matter how many hours they work.

    UPS does not own me. We have a contract that clearly states what my responsibilities are and what UPS's are in regards to my employment. After 8am on a weekday, if they have not scheduled me for work they cannot force me to come in, I can just say no. A FT sup has to come in at the worst times. If a driver has an accident at 9pm at night they have to come in and fill out the accident reports and do an investigation. Sure they say the regular work day should be 8.5 hours but my sups come in at 530am and leave at 8pm. I on the other hand come in at 9pm and work till 6pm (sometimes 7:30) and get paid more money that them.

    UPS will likely not hire you to be a supervisor if you have those DUI's. They need people who can do any job if they need them to because when short on drivers, sups get thrown in the package cars and told to deliver.
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    Driver who was a former PT sup told me the story about how after the sort a Feeder wrecked out on the Interstate and a bunch of management had to go out and clean up the boxes. 5 hours cleaning it up and this is after the sort the Division Manager gave them a big thanks and a $5.00 Burger King coupon.
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    So I just had my interview today, and it lasted a whopping 8 minutes, tops. Basically double checked my application. She did tell me that the shift I was applying for (5-10pm) did not really hire unloaders (the position I thought I would be best at) because the manager felt training people to load first benefits everyone because unloading is so simple and I could always move over if it was needed.

    She did offer some "concern" that I was currently not in school, and asked if I planned on enrolling in the next 6 months. I told her the truth, and told her in the next 6 months it may not be possible, as I have a financial goal first before I do enroll back. I did mention how I have completed quite a few courses already, and it is a goal of mine to go back and finish.

    The 2nd question she asked me was how long I planned on being here, and I said hopefully forever. I told her I am not interested in staying union for 20 years, and would love to get into management because I do have supervisory experience, with a successful track record in that. Personally, I have read all the warnings of going into the management on these forums, so I have been warned ;) But do not want to work 2 jobs forever...I'd rather put in 40-55 in one place.

    The interview ended with me getting a second interview with another lady on Tuesday at 430pm. Only reason I'm sharing this is for people to read my experience thus far.