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    Hey all - long story short I was hired at the beginning of December 2014 for a Midnight shift. Wasn't completely sure if it was temporary for Peak but was told the shift may stick around for a while - it didn't. I didn't apply for seasonal or temporary work but it kind of turned out that way as the Midnight shift was phased out just before Christmas and a few of the people who started around the time I did were let go. I switched over to Preload after being offered to stay - Preload fit my schedule best because I work full-time elsewhere during the day and was looking for part-time work at UPS.

    For the first few weeks I worked 3 or 4 days per week, getting cut & sent home early once or twice a week. This week I've been cut early every morning. I see that & understand the seniority in place and saw some people reference "in the book" or "on the book" here in the forums. I'm the low person for seniority and used when needed. I get that and I get that the work volume is lower now.

    So I'm looking for some advice here - anything I can do to stick around and/or get some more hours. I like the work and have done unloading & sort based on need in the Preload shift. Any advice on how long it may take until the hours per week become more regular/reliable for a new person like myself? I know that each facility varies but any experiences out there may help.

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    Hang in there. People quit, get hurt, etc, all the time.
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    Concentrate on accuracy first and not so much on speed. Make sure the PAL sticker matches the address on the shipping label. Try to have the addresses facing out or forward when stacking them. Keep Big and/or flat packages out of the aisle as much as possible.
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    As long as it takes for your center to hire some new employees to put under your name on the seniority list.

    Could be next week, could be a couple months from now.
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    How far is your commute? Possibly your center manager will let you call in first to see if you're needed.
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    Thanks all - I'll ask about the call-in, I drive 15-20 minutes to get to work
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    Once you hit your seniority date you will be guaranteed 3.5 hours a day. If you're a preloader you can add another half hour as they stay longer. If you're lucky then you may be in a facility that averages 6 hour days for most of the year. Either you live off the few hours or you pick up another part time job.
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    Do not call in. Don't even ask. Show up as scheduled. One minute of work gets you one day closer to making book.
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    I would suggest learning how to search for answers.
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    I did, and thanks for that helpful suggestion.