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    Sup so I got hired about 2 weeks ago the HR department told me that it was a union job could anyone tell me how it benefits us? Also she told me that if you want to join the union there is a one time fee how do i know if im already in the union ? Do i have to fill out some paperwork where do I go or by getting this job am I already a union member? Please help me outThank you!
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    some locals will give a fee to be a member then after this is a monthly fee. the local in my area does not have one. you are not a member rigth off the bat. ask around to see who the steward is and get a card from them. the fee is taken out weekly of your check until the fee is paid for then the weekly due is taken out each pay check. in area local we hold the cards for 30 days and then you are a member.
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    Here in the DFW area there is not an entry "fee" to join the union, and there are no "weekly fees" once you join. All we pay are our monthly union dues, 2 hours of pay 1x a month.
  4. Baba gounj

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    sounds like it might be a "closed shop ", a place where it is mandatory to be union.
    watch your pay stubs, usually after 30 days, you'll see weekly deductions ; first week of the month is for dues, the other weeks will be for the fee, could be several months of this.
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    Oh. We might be working in the same hub??? And maybe I just heard the lady wrong then.
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    Many of the people missed your 1st question. Check all the non-union jobs in your town.

    1. Union member jobs have better pay
    2. Union member jobs have better benefits
    3. Union member jobs have better vacation and sick leave
    4. Union member jobs have the "union" to protect your job
    5. Union member jobs have a union to get your job back if you screw up
    6. Union member jobs have pensions
    7. Union member jobs get overtime after 8 hours
    8. Union member jobs can get you accomodations
    9. Union member jobs have disability coverage
    10. Union member jobs have better work rules

    These are just a few
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    None of these are universally true. Blind faith is ignorance. And it sounds even more ignorant when you don't seem to understand that ALL jobs get overtime after 8 hours. I could debate the others as well, but you don't seem to be worth the time since you are obviously one of those people who can't see anything by rainbowns and unicorns in reference to Unions. You certainly do realize how much money they are stealing from members.
  8. BigUnionGuy

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    How much ? Please enlighten us.

    And how does the Union do it ?

  9. JonFrum

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    Federal law guarantees most workers overtime (time-and-one-half) after 40 hours worked in a week.

    But according to this Dept. of Labor chart . . .
    . . .only the states of Nevada, California, and Alaska guarantee most workers overtime after 8 hours per day.
  10. MC4YOU2

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    Actually, we get OT after 8 hours, regardless of whether we work over 40, unlike many jobs with say 4 x 10 hour shifts or even "flex" time where OT is never paid outright but instead traded for future sick or vac pay. We accrue both without trading our OT. Also OT is paid to non union jobs as a direct result of past union bargaining that made it somewhat commonplace, but not guaranteed in the rest of the non union workforce, like 40 hour weeks, vacation and sick pay and retirement. All of which are disappearing fastest in the non union sector.
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    What is a new employee to do if they have not reached the 70 working days to get their seniority and they experience clear violations of UPS safety policies?
  12. UnsurePost

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    70 working days?
  13. menotyou

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    Call OSHA.
  14. anonUPS

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    get used to it. :P
  15. menotyou

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    You should never be so lackadaisical that you get use to ignoring your own safety. When you lose an arm and UPS hands you a couple a grand, kicks you out the door, are you going to say,"oh, well."?
  16. anonUPS

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    I don't mean to ignore your own safety, but get used to the fact that blatant violations are commonplace.

    UPSSOCKS Well-Known Member

    Common Big Union guy, union funds have been stolen for personal use for years from union officials. You would think being a "Big Union Guy" you would know that.
  18. menotyou

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    I am a walking example of being screwed over by your sup. Safety was one way they did it.
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    Does the same go for UPS Canada or is it just UPS US that the above applies to?