New to UPS! Transfers is it an option?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Goonie79, Nov 30, 2007.

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    I just got the job as a driver helper in Hawaii and the pay is good, starts at 11 an hr. I know thats it's competitive here of course so is life in general. I would like to say hello and have been reading some of the threads, great info. I am wondering if you do make it through the grind and get the call back after the holidays and one day make union what are your options if you want to transfer to another state or country. Do you start at the beginning again or do you keep your status of union and pay. It would be nice to know that I can create my own destiny and have a good foundation that would let me have a job that could let me see different parts of the U.S. or a different country.
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    Welcome and best of luck with staying on after peak.

    To my understanding it's not easy to transfer. You must be going to attend college for them to consider the transfer. I've seen exceptions to this but don't know how they got around the "rule".

    Management gets moved around but not by choice! I've often seen them moved far enough from their homes to where they had to move their families.

    For now I'd advise to do the job and not ask about transfers until you've become a seniority employee. dw
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    Why would you want to leave Hawaii?
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    Why wouldn't you want to leave hawaii? He (or she) never gets to see SNOW!!!!
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    SNOWHAT, I wish I didn't ever have to see it again.:happy-very:
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    haha i love the stuff, finally got our first accumulation of it today
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    I HATE THE SNOW!!! The Plains just east of Denver are due to get some snow today. The same storm is beating on the plains all the way to the Mississippi. Meanwhile....bright and sunny here! :peaceful:. I think the Northeast is due to get hit with a storm or two this week. -Rocky
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    Yeah I like it out here but am originally from nyc, and I miss the seasons. Hawaii just has one season, HOT and sweaty. At least on the mainland you have a choice to wear layers to feel comfortable, here once you get down to your boxers thats it. Your next choice is a palm tree branch, and only the wifey is going to get that show. I would like to get some feed back from someone that did transfer, what the process was, can you keep your union status pay and so on. Thanks. Hey I like the drunk Santa I think I saw him on the beach in Waikiki, 30andOut LOL!
  9. Harley Rider

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    I have known of two people that were able to transfer. One was part time and the other full time. They kept their company seniority but went to the bottom of the list as far as center status.

    You would have to be the one to go to the local center and see if there might be a position open for you if you wanted to transfer. Then get UPS to approve it. If I were a center manager I would much rather hire someone that had experience than a new hire.
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    Check out this website;
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    If you have ever been to Honolulu you could understand why a person might want out of Hawaii. It's just another grid locked asphalt jungle
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    Really? Huh. One of my professors quit to take a job at the University of Hawaii. What an incredible professor, too. A shame he dreamed of living in such a crowded place :anxious:. People here talk about 'rush-hour' and I say, "Rush-hour? THIS is rush-hour??" Keep in mind I lived in metro Chicago for 20+ years. -Rocky
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    Yes, I believe this is how it works. A dude transferred into our centre from another one and had more years of seniority than me but he got put at the bottom in our centre seniority list. He still kept his place in the wage progression though.