New UPS CEO plans expansion in emerging markets, services

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    New UPS CEO plans expansion in emerging markets, services - Reuters

    The incoming head of United Parcel Service Inc said on Friday the world's largest parcel delivery company will continue investing to build capacity in emerging markets and to expand its services, especially in healthcare, its fastest-growing segment after e-commerce.

    Chief Operating Officer David Abney, 58, named on Friday to succeed Chief Executive Scott Davis on Sept. 1, also said the company would make acquisitions to build its capabilities overseas, and didn't rule out large deals.

    Expansion in emerging markets is "our number one priority," Abney said in a telephone interview.
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    Emerging markets has nothing to do with US Domestic packages. :sweating:
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    UPS is about to spend $3 to $4 mil just for this peak season at our building. Rumors are flying about longer term but needless to say, billions will likely be spent domestically over the next decade just for small package if the current market trends hold true.
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    They do if the shipments are international packages imported to the US.

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    "US Domestic packages" was what I referenced.
    I understand the US based work process and force are interrelated with International shipments.
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    " Pharmacists at UPS's hub" I had to read this sentence twice. Wow! What else does this massive hub hold?
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    NEW UPS CEO Announces 2 Billion Software Project called MatrixMatics.

    "With Matrixmatics we expect to fix the inefficiencies in the wildly successful Orion software and set ourself up for future necessary billion dollar software projects"