New Video! PVD! What is it and will it last?


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Good stuff man. Very informative.

So as a newer employee and this being my first election, opportunity to vote, will a ballot come in the mail?


Gravy route

So pvds this year.

Remedy still to be determined.

Nothing changes unless the national leadership wants to push the issue.

Cowboy Mac

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I tended to be in the camp of: I don’t care if we have PVDs as long as it makes my days easier and as long as I don’t have to have a helper in the car all day.

I can see now why the PVDs are bad long term for everyone: the company, drivers, part timers wanting to drive, the union and the PVDs themselves. They are a band-aid solution to a long term staffing problem.

Really and truly, if you are against having 22.4s in the contract, you should be against PVDs. It’s the same result just not negotiated.