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    Can someone tell me what happened to the previous West Region Manager? I checked previous editions of UPS news on and saw no mention of a change, other than the transfer of the East Region Manager to the West Region. Did the West Region have a horrible peak season and he got demoted? Any feedback appreciated.
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    KC left is news to me. I think KC moved up to VP US small package operations. The two previous VP US SP came from western region
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    If by KC, you mean Ken C, you're correct. He's now the V.P. for US operations transformation. Some of this confusion comes from all the titles we now have at UPS. District managers became Vice Presidents, Region managers became Presidents.

    Then we had the big change ten years ago, when we cut to about 20 districts from 46. (I think we have 16 districts now.) When these districts became much larger, someone decided to call the district managers, "Presidents". Then some district manager gets a lateral transfer to corporate, and they're back to being Vice Presidents.
    What I was asking about was the previous West Region President. Charlene T was a West Region manager and got promoted to the management committee. Some guy took her place for about a year. Now he's gone. Just curious what happened? I did see on that the East Region President was transferred to the West Region and a woman district manager was promoted to be the new East Region Manager/President.

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    For those in the know: Which corporate position is above the other, and just exactly what they do on a daily basis?

    My guess is: President
    Regional Manager
    District Manager
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    Not sure who’s what on your list but here’s what they do
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    There's an Operations Manager in there too. I think between Region and Dist
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    I heard he got fired for molesting some sheep.
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    It that what you call your Teamster Brothers?
    Makes sense now that I think about it.
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    The Operations manager is between the District and Division manager.
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    YES! You are right. I stand corrected