New York under lockdown

El Correcto

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We now join California as being under lockdown. Only essential workers allowed to go out and travel restricted to grocery stores and pharmacies. Yeah.
Yup; the liberals are trying to inflict as much pain as they can on America. Nothing to be shocked about here, just punishing us for not electing Hillary and trying to scare us with uncertainty into voting to give them our wealth to redistribute how they see fit.


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Honestly, the list of "essential workers" he has is pretty extensive. It's still going to hurt a lot of people financially though. And Cuomo doesn't want to call it a shelter in place, but essentially thats what he wants and is going to enforce it beginning Sunday.


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What has happened to routes in California though? If only essential business is opened then you pretty much cut most routes and deliver resis?


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beer distributors are packed , saw some guy loading up 10 kegs into his mini van
That’s what my best friend does and he says next week is gonna be the busiest they’ve ever had. Most of our liquor stores here have drive thrus so I’m sure they’ll be allowed to stay open