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    I need some help from my friendly Manhatten Drivers. My Daughter will be attending Columbia University this fall. I'm trying to find a hotel nearby that I can afford. Everything i've looked at is $200.00 a night, and we are staying 8 nights. It would be great if I could find something for $100.00. Is that even possible. And that is not the roach motel. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Scott.
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    You may have to stay outside of the city, or even in New Jersey, if you don't want to pay top $$.
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    Bring a tent. I hear there's a large park near there!
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    Actually try
    You select how many stars of a hotel you want, then enter the price your willing to pay (without knowing which hotel will accept your offer, though).

    I did that in Florida, and entered $45 for the fun of it (didn't think I would get a place, but I did ) !!!!!
    And it was lovely ! The room normally goes for $150 a night ! Came with free hot breakfast buffett, too, and coffee machine in the room, coffee, tea and ice box provided, along with an outdoor swimming pool ! I loved it !
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    So YOU'RE the jerk that broke into my house while I was away and ate all my breakfast, spilled coffee in the bedroom, raided the icebox and got the swimming pool all dirty!!!!
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    Oh yeah, almost forgot, check out e-bay periodicly. You might be able to rent a timeshare there for around $100 a night.
    And timeshares are great. They are homes away from homes. Full kitchen, pots , pans, everything you need.

    You can browse or for timeshare rentals, too.

    Check out travel packages to NY, too.
    That come with flight and acommandation, they have specials to NY all the time !
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    Here`s the pic your security camera took of the perp. Kind of looks like K, don`t it?
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    I second the priceline thing did that last summer and got a $150 dollar room for $70 and that was the day before.