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  1. Washed Up

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    Hey everyone,
    I've been at UPS for almost 20 years (16 1/2 as a driver and the past 3 years as a car washer). Didn't realize that most buildings have part-time car washers. Learn something new everyday.
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    Welcome Washed Up ... I like your name!
    Looking forward to your posts on BC.

    I worked in the CW as a P/T Sup back in the 70's. Does your facility have a tunnel or do you wash in place?

    Look in the first post (Commonly asked questions) within the Introductions, Welcomes and Newbie Questions forum for the "How to's" and FAQs on BC.

    Or ask questions and someone will help you.
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    Hey Washed Up,

    Good to see you found us here at the Brown Cafe.
  4. Washed Up

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    We have a tunnel but it's over twenty years old and it breaks down pretty much every day.