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    Hey, I'm a newb to brown cafe. just got hired for year 3 as a helper, maybe this will bey lucky year, hope to get hired perm. quick question, never asked it before. If I do driver helper long enough, is it possible to go straight to driver? My friends tell me how they had to work 4, 8 or ten years before landing a driver position, I can't wait that long!
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    You would have better luck winning the lottery.

    The best way to get a driver position is to start on the inside and wait your turn. The length of time before a position will vary from region to region and will depend upon a number of factors, to include retirements, terminations, resignations, and, most importantly, volume. If volume grows positions may become available. I was fortunate in that I was hired off the street in 1989 during a period of growth and had my seniority 11 months later. Keep in mind that our contract requires that UPS has to promote so many insiders before promote an outsider. In my region this ratio is 6:1.

    Good luck.