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    Hello to all ,I have worked @ UPS for 2 years in the morning preload here in Pittsburgh Pa .I knew about the forum just never had time .Just wanted to post to say hi and I also have some questions ,maybe someone can help me out with.There is a guy who works @ mt hub that is on disability and is out cutting grass .I know this because one of my supervisors told me .Here's the catch this kid sucks up to our manager ,and this kid has a problem with some drugs and tried to break into my house .He didn't get caught trying to break in my house but a good friend of mine told me months before it happened that he over heard this scumbag talking about it.My question is I am not a rat but this guy has it coming ,who would I call to turn him in ? I am afraid if I tell the center manager I will get blackedballed .Any suggestions? any help would be great Thanks bigpack:peaceful:
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    Welcome to BC. Sounds like you have alot going on with this individual. If you think he is endangering you or your well being, UPS has an anonymous hotline.