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    Hello everyone! I started this week as a loader at the Hodgkins facility. I had 2 days of training and today was my first day working alone. The person in charge of my side had me start off working in 2 trailers. There wasn’t a whole lot of action happening so she told me a different trailer to go in that was backed up so bad you couldn’t even walk into it and the buzzers/lights were going off like crazy. I was able to get halfway done with the backup of packages and she told me to go back into the original trailers I was doing. Then she asked if I found any mis-sorts which I did find 3 so far between all the trailers. Come to find out she planted them all there on purpose and she was happy I found them. She had me initial paperwork stating that I found all 3. Then she moved me to yet another trailer that was backed up like crazy again. I didn’t make too much of a dent in this one by the time she came back and told me to clock out and go home. I had only been there for 2 hours. She said it was a seniority thing where she has to let the newest person go home first, but told me the start time for tomorrow. I asked her if I did something wrong and she said not at all. She stated that my walls looked great and I found all the mis-sorts she planted which was the important thing. As I was clocking out one of the HR or other higher ups (I seen her before as she was the lady who assigned me my trainee) was there talking to her about something and we were walking together afterwards. She asked me why the person in charge of my side sent me home early. I told here what she told me and she said next time to demand staying saying I don’t want to go home and that I want to work and if she pressed the issue then I should request to speak to hr or a steward with the union. Even this lady was baffled as to why I’m was sent home so early and said there is always work to do. I have so many confusing thoughts as I really don’t know why I was sent home early. I felt like I was doing an excellent job and got complimented all day. It’s not like the workload was light, if anything they were short staffed like crazy. All these trailers with packages logjammed like crazy. Why would they send me home? They can’t possibly be over hours for the day. The only thing I can think of is maybe she didn’t want me to be overworked my first day. If I bitch demanding to stay then I will probably get on their bad side and get written up or something. Anyone have any insight?
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    Maybe since you're such a hard person to find, that they had to let you go home, in case they lost you again?
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    Oh my
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    Don’t worry about it. Keep showing up every day, don’t get hurt, and you’re good.
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    Make sure to talk to your steward. You're guarenteed hours. Your Sup planted the packages to see if you'd catch it and likewise testing to see what she can get away with. Congrats, 50% on your quizzes.
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    I never appreciated SALTs. They did it to us in feeders as well check that we were making sure MT's were empty. You were probably killing her numbers, so she sent you home to stop the bleeding. The only way you're going to learn is to do the job under the gun. Request your guaranteed hours. If you go home early when they ask you, they will ask you every day.
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    Today went better. Was in my section for a half hour then she pulled me to work a different section due to the light workload. I do agree the workload was light, but it wasn’t yesterday. Anyways I got 4 hrs and 45 minutes today working the other section. Maybe I should ask for a transfer as I was talking to another employee who has worked for 20 days and he told me he was originally assigned the same area as me, but they acted like they didn’t need him and he’s been working at the other area ever since. The supervisor over there was really nice. What kinda irks me is that I got sent home after only 2 hours yesterday, but employees in 2 other departments (same outbound wing) got to work 2 hours of overtime. I guess I’ll see what Monday has in store as I hear everyone gets overtime on Mondays especially during the sunrise shift.
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    I don’t think I was killing her numbers as when I got trained the previous day I was trained with another new hire in a different area. They only have like 6 employees for 17 dock doors so if anything they are understaffed and have been hiring over 70 people for the building weekly. I did ask my trainer if the reason they are hiring so many new people is because people are quitting due to the heat and she said it was because their workload has increased drastically.
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    One surefire way to tell if a supervisor is lying to you is if you watch their lips closely. If they are moving, they are lying to you. They will tell you what you want to hear. Trust me. If you've only been there a week, there is no way you aren't dragging the numbers down, therefore making her look bad to her bosses. It's not a knock on you, but it takes a while to be a fine tuned UPS machine.
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    You'll never be able to keep sane if you take supervisers messing with you personally. Understand their there to manipulate numbers and, without any feelings, just stick to your contractual protections. Getting ahead in this company has nothing to do with making management like you. Do your best job and find a way to be happy while doing it.
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    You're good. Hours will be little, for now but they will increase. She's right about seniority hours but since you're in your initial hire 30-day period, do as you're told and I wouldn't suggest making any waves waves. If they see you as a problem now, they'll work you 28 days and let you go. There's always time and opportunity for grievances, believe me. I've been here 24 and seen opportunities almost every day. For now, work hard, be on time, and don't get injured. The rest will all come. Besides, until you're officially hired, there is no real representation. You're technically not yet in the union and not yet officially hired.
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    And be wise who you listen to. It's YOUR job and YOUR income we're talking about. Make your own decisions
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    Things have gone well this week. I got 2 hours of overtime on Monday and was offered overtime today too. I’ve just been bouncing around in the outbound wing I’m assigned to...rarely have I worked in the area I’m supposed to be in, but that doesn’t bother me at all as I’m willing to work wherever they need me. It’s only the one part time supervisor who is strict and trying to press everyone. The other 3 or so part time supervisors are really nice and my full time supervisor seems nice too, but I rarely talk to her.

    Now for the bad news. My grandmother passed away while I was at work this morning (my last remaining grandparent). I’m afraid I can’t attend the funeral since I’m only on my second week of my probationary period. I know if I took a day or two off I would lose my weekly attendance bonus and don’t want to lose my job over taking a time off. The funeral is 5 hours away so would need at least a day off to attend. I am willing to piss family off and put my job first if needed. Do you think they would give me time off being so new? Should I talk to my full time supervisor or HR or both?
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    I would talk to your full time supervisor and explain the situation and be prepared to show evidence of some kind, if necessary. You're still in your probationary period so they don't have to do anything, including hire you. I'd pray for favor and not try to go over your supervisor's head by talking to HR. Worst they can do is say no and it seems you're prepared to miss anyway if you have to
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    Yea i remember my first 30 days lol they where rough being a preloader i didnt think i would make it past 3 days. Then 8 months later i became a FT UPS Driver and never looked back. Now been with UPS 2.5 yrs
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    @ my hub they let new hires go earlier and gradually let them stay longer. You mention training which I find funny. I have come to find the most common training practice at UPS is "Sink or Swim" and if they see you swimming they will add more things to your Package Handler title to make you sink all while earning your base pay.