Newbie Trying to Understand 22.4 Proposal


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Beginning of April this year I was hired on as a PT driver with the explanation that I'd have to do at least 30 days preloading to gain seniority in the union. I went to driver school and I've done my 30 days. I did 3 days of ride alongside on the route I'll be qualifying on a few weeks ago. Back to preload, but that's a whole different issue/frustration...

A few people told me the new contract is going to screw me because I'll get locked in at a lower wage that will never go up. I got a mailer talking up all the pros of the 22.4 propsal that there will be wage increases and you can still bid for FT.

I was never told what 22.3 combination jobs are. All I've heard people at the hub talk about are FT drivers and cover drivers.

I hate preloading but I'm trying to stick it out until I can qualify .I had figured once I qualify, even if I only work like 3 days per week, the $18.75/hour will be enough for me to pay my bills and I wouldn't have to bother working in the hub anymore. I actually look forward to peak and the 7p hour weeks to make the big money.