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    Hi guys,

    I know I could do a search & get pages on this topic, but things change year to year, with the economy, etc. Much of the info I've been finding is from 2008 when the economy was really tanking.

    I'm a 43 y/o Male (in very good shape) with a perfect driving record & a clean criminal history. I'm interested in becoming a UPS Package Driver & am looking for insight from the vets here. I'm under no illusions that this job is easy. I understand they'll ride me like race hoarse, that it means pressure, deadlines, inclimate weather, overtime, missing meal time w/ family, etc. and I'm ok with all of that. I'm used to work 60 hours a week in a high pressure environment & think I have the right stuff for this job.

    Can you guys help me with what my best plan of attack is? Do I want to become a Seasonal Package Driver, kick-butt & hope they keep me on after the season is over? Do I want to become a Package Handler & hope to work my way up? Should I shoot for some type of Package Handler Supervisor job, etc? I'm sure it sounds uppity, but having a wife & kids, I don't really have 3+ years to pay my dues at a low hourly rate like some of the 20-something guys might be able to, so I'm looking for the fastest track from point A to Full Time Package Driver.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give me...

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    Dear Mason,

    I'm sure UPS would appreciate your enthusiasm and excitement at the thought of working for this wonderful company that we all love. Does it sound uppity at the thought of "I don't really have 3+ years to pay my dues at a low hourly rate...." On one hand, no, you're just being your age, you can't afford to "putter around" as a package handler for 5+ years, then go driving. On the other hand, what makes you so special? Oh, I have a wife and kids, I can't afford to wait....well why didn't you say so, sir?? By all means, you can have MY place on the seniority list! I've only been waiting 7 YEARS....what's a few more?? Do you honestly think if there was a fast track, we'd all be on it?? My suggestion is you keep your 60 hour a week high pressure job, OR be prepared to start at the bottom, like most of us had to. Other members (and probably less sarcastic) suggestions will follow...Welcome to browncafe and have a sparkling day! :rofl:

    Your good friends at the Midol Company
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  3. hondo

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    Short answer, my opinion only: Seasonal driver. Do not bother with part-time anything. Get yourself a learner's permit or the required license. In most states a CDL is not required. The trucks are 26,000 lbs (or less) GVW, hydraulic (not air) brakes.
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    I think UPS is not the place for you seems you think youre special. No offense.
  5. rkctkc

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    Definitely not that supervisor job you mentioned. You can kiss driving goodbye if you go into management.
  6. barnyard

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    Actually, doing a search would get you the same answer you would get by posting, maybe even better. We may be getting sick of answering the same question over and over and over and over and over.

    My book is getting really thick.
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    Unfortunately you have to start at the bottom and work your way to the top. Could be 1 year or it could be 10. Not trying to sound negative but on the positive note, whatever center your applying to could be pretty quick. It all depends because in the next 5 years there will probably be a lot of guys amnd gals retiring. Plus driving record and passing class has a lot to do with how fast you can move up to driving. Each center is so much different from another. Wanted to throw the negative first and positive second. Learned that being a supervisor before my UPS days. That's how a good supervisor approaches his employees, neg first positive always last lol.
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    Do the seasonal driver thing then immediately hire on as a PT package handler. Hoping they keep you is like hoping you win the lottery.
  9. Indecisi0n

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    Agree with this. Start at the bottom. You never know some people prefer the bottom.
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    lol did you order a replacement for Lucy yet, Inde??
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    It was a replacement for bob! outtie not an innie!
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    Heeeyyy.....bob is awesome....there's no replacing Bob! lol :drunkbf:
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    Agree with Hondo, because:

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    you-had-one-job-meme.jpg Over, I think I found the OP's old 60 hr/week high pressure
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    Thanks everyone for the replies, this is a great help.

    There are two centers hiring for Full Time Seasonal Drivers right now & both are right by me (5 miles to the 1st suburb South of the city, or 2 miles East to Downtown). Obviously I want to get into the one where I could move up faster, is there any way of finding out which is a better prospect in that regard? i.e. Ask a couple drivers in that area or something? I'd hate to bother them when they're working, I realize they don't have time to chat. Would HR be honest with me if I asked directly about the prospect of advancing to Full Time Driver? I also notice that one center is hiring 10 Seasonal Part Time Drivers & the other is hiring 2 Seasonal Part Time Drivers, does that indicate anything to you guys?

    Again, I appreciate your help.

  16. Mason3000

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    I can't figure out how to edit my last post but it should read "Seasonal Full Time Driver", not "Part Time", if it matters?
  17. Brownslave688

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    HR will lie and tell you oh yeah if you do good we could keep you on. The chances of them saying anything other than would u like to work part time. After peak is slim.

    Even though I think your chances of turning this into a full time gig is single digits I would go with the center only hiring 2. It tells me its likely a much smaller center and u have a greater chance of developing relationships. The one hiring ten you'll just be another number.
  18. PT Car Washer

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    HR works for the company not for you. They may sound all nice and trusting but they are doing their job by filling a slot. No matter what it takes. Talk to some of the drivers or union stewards. Just remember after peak a lot of regular FT drivers are laid off until vacations kick in. May bring you back in June as vacation seasonal.