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  1. Lawrence

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    Good evening all,

    I have my initial driving test this week, after completing the background check and DOT physical exam for the seasonal package delivery position. I was wondering if anyone had any pointers on what the course is like. Will I be parallel and reverse parking the package car or would that be something to expect while at the week long training in Landover, MD. I have driven manual transimission GMC delivery trucks but its been years ago. I rented a manual delivery truck today (no power steering) to brush up on everything and get the feel back. Thanks very much. I am very excited at the chance to pursue a career with UPS. I know there is alot of hard work ahead. THanks
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    Definitely no parallel parking. Boy you had me laughing there with that one. I would love to see a driver parallel park one of these trucks. I never went to one of those schools, but I am sure you will get much advice from those that have. Good luck, you seem to have the right attitude.

    Parallel parking!!! You are too funny.
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    Welcome to BrownCafe, Lawrence!

    Keep us advised of your training, and nice job renting the truck to brush up!
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    You will have to go on the street and of course back into several docks. Little advice back to the drivers side and beep your horn every 2 to 3 seconds checking your mirrors and rear view camera every 2 to 3 seconds also.

    Keep your truck centered in the lane, look about a block down this will help centering you. Good luck.
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    Never done that, eh? Of course i drive a P7 so it's a little easier than those big beast.
  7. i drive a 1000 and need to parallel park several times a day. I used to do it with a 1200 but my largest delivery (Guitar Center warehouse) moved and they switched me to a 1000.
  8. chev

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    :dissapointed:I do it in a feeder.

    Welcome to BC Lawrence. :wink2: Good luck.
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    D*mn, you guys are tough! We have been told to double park, not parallel park. And to parallel park a feeder? It scares me to even think about that. Great driving guys!
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    I was once told that, is parking in red zones was one the driving requiremets by UPS, so far being lucky not getting a ticket.
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    Helen, call me funny, but I have, on occasion, had to parallel park my P-1000. Granted it was in to 2 parking spaces but the vehicle in the back space was too large (truck) to allow me to simply drive in to the spaces so I pulled up to the first vehicle and parallel parked. This is where the cameras really help as well as the mirrors. It really wasn't that big of a deal.
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    To get your CDL in Mass, you have to be able to parallel park your tractor trailer BOTH ways (drivers side & blind side). You can get out and look 3 times. If any part of the unit goes over any line, you fail. You can only move it each way 3 times while getting into the box.

    The test shows that you know what you're doing.
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    Good evening, I just wanted to let you know that I passed the road exam this morning! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and pointers. Now I must complete and the online exams and then off to school in Landover, Md.