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    So we have had about 10 new hires in the last few months and more than half have crashed vehicles in the first few weeks. Not to mention that most have no clue what they're doing. My question here is what has changed so dramatically to make this happen. I personally feel that they haven't been trained except basic use of the powerpad. They just throw them out there. "Make sure you take an hour lunch," with 30 stops over. Most think you just take out whats in the truck, and don't know what a 195 is. I think they aren't being given a chance to learn because of this big push on production. What say you? This peak for our station will be horrible. I see sitting pallets in the very near future.
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    Most CRRS don't know what have the Abbreviations that management spews are, and most don't care cause it doesn't matter anymore.

    I bet If they attach a $ sign to our numbers you'd see alot more folks scrambling to take more packages instead of dropping to other routes.

    as for the new hires... don't worry with DRA anyone can do the job.. right?
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    I think it is combination of a couple factors.

    1. Knowing there would be a need to hire---they shortened the CRR class and combined it with DD to save money on travel.
    2. The in-station portion of the training is not happening either.
    A. The station is understaffed.
    B. Too many PT not enough CRR Coaches.
    C. Don't want to spend station hours training.
    3. The current new hires are (generally) lower quality.
    A. Most people don't want PT work.
    B. People that want FT will usually be focused on something other than this job --whether trying to pay bills or finding another job
    C. Many millennials lack the work ethic of previous generations.
    4. Ignorance.
    A. The training does not emphasize safety as top priority.
    B. They do not know the routes.
    C. Let's be honest some CRRs dump way too much on newbies and give them crap stops.
    D. Station management is not emphasizing safety or monitoring the stops they get.

    ​Just my $.02
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    Like fredly said, DRA is going to fix ALL of those problems. Stop worrying!
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    To lazy to read through the course; however, the time couriers spend going through training has been cut in at least half. That could be playing a big role!
  6. A few of our "newbies" barely speak English. That is a fact.
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    The HD driver has been in my area for years. I still cant understand a Dam word he says!
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    Yeah, I'm pretty sure Al Qaida can sneak some sleeper cells in the system at this point.
    No one is minding the store.It has really turned into the movie "Office Space" with everyone just doing enough not to get fired.
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    with many of the newhires looking like they're quite familiar with the inside of "federal pound-me-in-the-ass prison"
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    Isn't that the fault of the company? "Hey Ralph, can you come in on your day off and help out? We had a bunch of sick calls and you'll just be doing a rte you've never been on". Ok, I'm on my way. "Great, startime is 9am.". So the courier comes in, clocks in 2 minutes late, has 3 service failures and was told to be off the clock by "X" to avoid "X" amount of OT. Manager Thanks courier for bailing him out but waits til next week to call him into office to write him of for being late and having gone over OT limit.
  11. Cactus

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    Sounds like most managers who aspire to be just like Fred, a true weasel, nothing less.
  12. MrFedEx

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    The "New Normal". Apparently, the money they save by paying these folks less pencils out for them on their spreadsheets. They are just tossed out there because a warm body on a route is better than an uncovered route. They don't know enough to stand-up to management, WAD, or cover themselves, so they are easy targets. They get called-in, set-up to fail, do their best on a route they don't know, and then get disciplined for it. Plus, they're probably working through their breaks. On another thread, I mentioned one who brought back a truck full of UPS, USPS, Express, and Ground because he didn't know the difference and they all had barcodes, so they must be ours, right?

    This is so wrong on so many levels. No wonder most of them quit, have accidents, or hate the company within a few weeks after getting hired. I really think that he lawsuits are going to start piling-up during the next few years. FedEx is an abusive employer that operates outside the law, and they deserve to be held accountable for the dishonest way they operate their business.
  13. bbsam

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    So why do you care if they quit and have accidents? You hate the company anyway. In fact, they are succeeding at what you can't seem to even begin.
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    They are succeeding at destroying Express, which is OK by me. My point of contention is that these newbies are being thrown to the wolves. There's nothing more abusive than taking an eager new employee, sticking them into a no-win situation, and then disciplining them when they inevitably fail. I feel bad for them, not FedEx. I really don't want to see them get hurt, injured, or written-up unjustly. Is that wrong?

    Once again, you're only familiar with FedEx in terms of your relationship with them as a vendor and provider of low-cost labor. You only exist to put a glimmer of legitimacy on the Ground scam. You do not understand Express or the games they play with actual employees, so quit pretending you do and stick to your $13 per hour wage slaves. You don't "get" Express, and your increasing level of ignorance regarding Express operations is quite evident.
  15. bbsam

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    I understand the game perfectly. Keep shaking Express until its labor force mirrors Ground's. Why do you think it takes any level of brilliance to see that?
  16. MrFedEx

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    Except it won't work. The two jobs are different enough where the average Ground employee cannot perform up to Express standards. Their strategy is very likely exactly as you state, however, from an eyewitness is failing miserably. This peak is going to be very revealing at Express. Watch the chaos, and then see if you still think their strategy is a sound one.
  17. Oh Bull:censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:. So tired of hearing this from older generations. I'm not a millennial but every generation has said this about the generations following them.
  18. bbsam

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    Depends on what they define as success. We already it isn't going to be based on employee satisfaction. Probably not on service numbers either.
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    completely true and much worse for the ground or HD contractor since their contract can be put on the line or in jeopardy if the wrong people are hired. I bolded this because you are 100% right but seems like many people are either naive, brainwashed or just and don't see it that they are being screwed in some cases slowly & steadily. Right now its just to get thru peak and then get h**l out in january... I will likely be getting a prescription for anti anxiety medication and may have a diagnosis or PTSD after all is said and done when I am out completely early in 2014. I won't say much more, seems from the inside that there is a real attempt to screw the workers & contractors (their expendable labor force of 300,000) while upper managment & the C level execs do interviews for CNBC while doing back door deals and paying off the right people so any lawsuit dies before it ever reaches a courtroom and any person who doesn't have a 100% kiss ass attitude is targetted.
  20. Mr. 7

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    Yesterday I went out way over my numbers and said I'll need del. hlp or, have to drop.
    I figured they'd send the new PT'er next to me. Nope, had to get him off the clock.
    Me? Dropped and went back out for pure OT. No problem.