Newish driver (in regards to VAC, OPD, and OPW)

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    Been through my 30 days, made seniority. Was told I don't have vacation or personal days. No problem. Now my pay stub shows VAC 40 hours, OPD 16 hours, and OPW at 25. Seeing as I can't take this time, can I go ahead and get the money for it? I'm mostly unsure about the VAC pay, but shouldn't I be able to go ahead and get the OPD and OPW money? Especially the fact I am not allowed the days off? Was told it would pay at the end of the year. Eff that. Not broke, far from it, but why should I allow UPS to sit on this money when I am not allowed the time off.
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Eff that, you don't have a choice, homie. You will be paid any money that you are due on or around 12/15. Word.
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    Wait 6 months then start using it.
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    They should pay you off 2nd week after to you officially made seniority!
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    i have been w ups part time 15 years, if i go driving do i still keep my 5 weeks of vacations? i work in the chicago land area. 705

    i also heard that my 15 years will count into my retirement, so if i work another 15 years driving i can retire. i wont get as big of a pension as if i went driving for 30 years but it would be nice to retire at a young age. i could always pick up another career after i retire from ups.