Newt's Right IMO


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I have to agree with you on this. :cool:

The millions of dollars needed to just have a chance, the prepped media questions and the 30 second response times are not how we the public can determine who our next leader should be.

I like Newt's example of Howard Dean.

"Normal, rational Iowans who had rigorously avoided politics for the entire previous year looked up and said, 'He's weird.' And they looked back down, and Howard Dean disintegrated," Gingrich said.

This goes for both parties!:thumbup1:

C'mon America...WAKE UP!! C'mon politicians...WAKE UP!!


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A well written aritcle,BUT(the b word) Newt,should stay out of the fray until he throws his hat into the ring.I agree with his point of view as far as "road to the white house is too long,expensive and insane,but until we change the format and cost of vying for Prez,Newt should get with the program then start mouthing off.As an outsider looking in it's easy to critique or expose the other canidates of their weaknesses without a rebuddle.But thats just what Newt is for now an outsider,a fan just like you or me.Oh did I mention a hypocrite?Was'nt this soon to be GOP canidate having an affair while he so vehemently attempted to impeach Clinton.Or does Newt "the historian" edit that debacle from his own historical bio.


.Oh did I mention a hypocrite?Was'nt this soon to be GOP canidate having an affair while he so vehemently attempted to impeach Clinton.Or does Newt "the historian" edit that debacle from his own historical bio.
This was in the article:

"In March, Gingrich acknowledged he was having an affair of his own around the same time. He insisted he was not a hypocrite because Clinton was not impeached for the affair -- but for lying about it."

The case against clinton was about lying under oath, not about having an affair.
If we threw out everyone who has had an affair we wouldn't have enough people to run the government.


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Newt Gingrich has said something that makes sense....................

Good link, Moreluck. I could help the government find a lot of illegal aliens if they just shipped a package to them. They are all over my delivery area. I happen to like Newt, I voted for him twice back when he was my Congressman. He finally lost his seat in Congress after our Democratic Governor with some help from the State Capitol managed to gerrymander the Congressional Districts. He's a smart guy and I would think he could be a good President, but he is hated too much by the media and he has a few ghosts in his closet too.

This is a true story, I posted it once, but will do again. Back when he was in Congress, he had one of his District Offices in the city where I worked. He said he wanted to know how UPS was so successful, so He decided to learn first-hand. He got the OK from UPS, and put on a set of Browns and rode around with a buddy of mine for half a day. The funny part about this, the driver he rode with is the nephew of Weldon Mathis. This was a coincidence, but Weldon Mathis was Secretary General of the IBT and was actually President of the Teamsters for a few months when one of the Presidents died in office.

Back to wkmac's original thread topic: I agree the race for President or any national office has gotten way out of hand. What are they going to do next? Start campaigning for 2012 right after the 2008 Election? There is way too much money involved in this current process.
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He finally lost his seat in Congress after our Democratic Governor with some help from the State Capitol managed to gerrymander the Congressional Districts.
I must admit I've never heard it put quite like that. Can you corroborate that story? The word out here on the east coast is that he resigned in shame(click for details), but it's possible we've got it all wrong.


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As odd as it seems, you and Scratch are both right. Scratch is correct that Georgia redrew it's Congressional district maps and Newt found himself in a bad way. At the same time, Bob Bahr (whose name has been thrown around as a possible Libertarian Presidential candidate) found himself in similar circumstances that he had to run in the same district against John Linder (Congressman who's pushing the FairTax idea) and Linder obviously won.

Newt it so happened came to the very district he has dreamed of since the late 70's when he first entered politics and that was the geographic area known as the old 7th district of Georgia made infamous by the late Larry McDonald. If you want to see what Newt will do to true blue constitutionalist/limited gov't type politicians, check out the Ron Paul article in Wikipedia and read about Ron's mid 1990's Congressional race involving Newt. NRA was in on this as well so that should speak volumes. I walked away from the NRA when Neil Knox did and God Bless him for it! I saw this same type activity by Newt in the 1970's and early 80's with regard to McDonald. As I said, Newt ain't what he appears to be as I've seen this cat up close politically for 30 years now.

Scratch's point was correct but he just made it in such a way that not knowing the exact goings on of Georgia politics, you might come away with the wrong idea. Newt did win a new seat in a new geographic district from which he became speaker and then resigned from in the late 90's which goes to the heart of your point being correct. Unlike Scratch with Newt being my Congressman, I never voted for the man because I have no trust in him based IMO on what I'd seen firsthand of his dirty politics. I don't give a rats behind what party you are but if you vote the principles that I hold to, I'm with ya. Newt is all about party and power, plain and simple.

I hated to post the article of Newt's comments because I hated to admit he had a point with good validity to it. But then Hillary Clinton made a speech to the National Press Club a couple of years ago on our energy concerns that I also thought was so good that I sent her a letter thanking her for her comments and encouraging more from her on this matter. Sadly, I've not heard much more on this issue from her but I tired none the less. I mean, if I send a letter to the Bride of Satan, I could at least acknowledge when Satan himself has a good point too. Right?



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Jones, you got me as far as Newt resigning and his re-election. He did win re-election, but resigned when members of the GOP were starting to plot to vote him out as Speaker of the House. Newt was taking heat from the impeachment attempt against Clinton, a book publishing deal, and got fined for GOPAC funds being spent in his campaign financing. His Poll numbers were dropping, but were still better than the current Speaker of the House. He also seems to have personal problems as far as infidelity goes. I used to be in the 6th District he was in, but I am currently in the 13th, that is what my comment about gerrymandering is about. Due to population growth, Georgia picked up two extra house seats, so all the House Districts were redrawn. The House Districts boundaries change in favor of whichever political party is in power, the GOP is just as guilty as the Democrats. Georgia politics have always been dirty in my opinion. Come to think about it, all levels of politics are full of corruption. My comments in Post 6 were made in a hurry, I should have done a little more research than trying to post off the top of my increasingly feeble minded head. :blush:


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Newt Taunts Obama: It Has To Be a Fair Debate, You Can Use A Teleprompter…

Even with his beloved teleprompter, Obama would be vastly outmatched against Newt.
Via RCP:
“I already said that if he wants to use a teleprompter, then it would be fine with me. It has to be fair. If you [were] to defend ObamaCare, wouldn’t you want a teleprompter?” Gingrich asked.

“Now, in just for a second I’m going to go in the detour and I’ll try to explain why I’ve been and he’ll say yes. There are two reasons.

The first, is either. Can you imagine him looking in the mirror? Graduate from Columbia, Harvard Law, editor of the Law Review journal. [Against] the greatest articulator in a Democratic book?”