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Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by Wilson, Aug 12, 2015.

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    Who could have come away from the hearings today and not see that NFL has been railroading the Patriots and Tom Brady.

    I'd say to the folks that the NFL played into the mob of Patriots haters who are nothing but jealous of their success and ought to watch the Superbowl again to see why Tom Brady is the greatest QB, Bill Belichick the greatest coach, and the Patriots the greatest post salary cap era team ever. Bill Belichick is the real deal. 6 Superbowl appearances, 4 wins and might as well been 6 win's if not for miracle catches. Brady lead every super bowl team he played on to leads in the 4th quarter. To call Tom Brady a cheater is like calling Leonardo Di Vinci a hack at sciences and art.

    Watch for the repeat this season.
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    Just bustin on ya!
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    People can't separate the player sometimes with the guy off the field. Clearly Arron had gangsta issues but his on the field play was second only to Gronk. They were a dynamic dual.
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    He was good......such a waste though
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    look at the sports world in general. anytime someone or some team is extra-ordinary people want them taken down.

    Yankees, tiger woods, Ali, jimmy brown, Tyson, henry aaron, Patriots. Serena williams. (Just a few examples )anyone or any team that has long term success in sports needs to be taken down for some reason.

    I don't understand it.

    they say "everyone loves a winner."

    its more like "everyone hates a winner."
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    Patriots new theme song.

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    Do you remember that neck collar he used to wear?
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    Brady is a first ballot hall of famer, Goodell will be remembered as a bumbling incompetent.

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    Seems like he wanted to get caught, or he is cosmically stupid.