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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by cino321, Nov 19, 2007.

  1. cino321

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    National: YES: 802 NO: 2,307
    Local: YES: 895 NO: 2,203

    At least me and my fellow 804 brothers and sisters on this website can say we tried.

    Maybe we can finally get Donato out of the tanning salons and into our buildings, maybe by then he'll understand no matter how much him and Howie sell us out no one listens to them anymore anyway.

    Sorry Donato got on my nerves a couple of weeks ago as he handed out fliers with some funny math about the pension in my building.
  2. browned out

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    Yeah, good job 804 and the PA guys. No 25 and out is garbage.
    I am in the CS and voted no. It sounded like a lot more people in our local would vote no but it was a lot of talk. So now we are going to have part time drivers delivering on full timers option days. These part time cover drivers will have the right to work before a driver in progression and when a regular full time driver can't finish their rte.
    We will see how many freakin ways UPS can spin this language to their advantage. I need a transfer out east.
    Did your supplement have this part time cover driver crap in it?

    Give em hell.
  3. pkg-king

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    We've had part-time cover drivers since 1986 here in PA. Lets say there is 50 routes in a center, then there is 50 full time drivers and another 10 or so part-time cover drivers to cover vacations.
  4. browned out

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    But do they relieve you if you have an 8hr request or have 9.5 problems?
  5. pkg-king

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    If you put in an 8 hr request they usually just move work to the guys around you. But in the event they are all heavy, they will pull off stops and build a split, it usually is the parttime cover driver that runs it. The guys who run the various splits in our center are the PT cover drivers. Although they are considered PT, they all get 40+ hours (except for the bottom 2 or 3, who are then able to work the local sort for some hours, which sucks), they are still a part of the wage progression and reach driver top rate at the end of that progression. The only difference is that their benifits and pension are covered under the UPS plan. When a FT driver retires, his FT bid is then awarded to the top seniority PT cover driver. It seems they are all used everyday with all the comps, call offs and vacations in our center. I don't know how this differs from the language in your supplement, but I know we were'nt happy when this went into effect 21 years ago. :peaceful:
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  6. tieguy

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    wow this contract appears to be winning by a landslide. How can that be when our own polls on this site were always slanted against the offer?

    Is browncafe being over run by a bunch of malcontents?
  7. Griff

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    Since when is 60-65% viewed as a landslide? Are you sure that you work in operations and not IE? The numbers have no consequence considering the amount of votes that are missing.
  8. tieguy

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    They have all the consequence or perhaps you meant significance in the world because they took the time to vote and they decided the results.
  9. Overpaid Union Thug

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    The pending contract has some new language that states that for every TCD that has 200 or more reports in a year there will have to be a new "PCD" added. I'm still curious about that one.
  10. local804

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    I lol when I seen this one......
  11. local804

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    The only landslide I seen was the 3 to 1 vote against it in my local where it counts. After a few kinks in the contract, maybe we will put it through.
  12. wkmac

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    Yeah Big, that one generated a lot of interest as well in my neck of the woods. This is not directly related to the TCD to PCD but it does connect in a manner. Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought at some point you said you were PT? What does have me concerned for the future is the PT situation going FT and the way the new progressions work. Whether new hire off the street or coming to UPS PT and working towards FT, I'm not sure how this all will effect that.

    The HR folks if you talk to them will tell you they are literally dragging the bottom of the barrel now to get people and even though the old progression was a bit steep, the new rules will just add another hurdle to their job as the wait to go FT can be a long one and then to progress to full pay/benefits status has now gotten larger.

    Also UPS in my neck of the woods did OK getting small business and self employed folks who overall were pretty good to come to work for the benefits. Now achieving that carrot has been lengthened so the HR think the first impact will be a reduction of those type folks from their new hire pools. As our district HR manager has been suggested as saying, "we are hiring the best of the unemployable" so IMO I think things just got a bit worse and now to add insult to injury, how many folks like yourself are willing to leg it out to FT with the new progression rules?

    I honestly don't know who is more at fault milking the PT ranks dry, the company or the union and it could be both equally. If you keep shortchanging the very backbone of what will be your driver ranks, PT supervisor ranks and in many case your FT supervisor ranks, in the end you will shortchange your company's future!


    BTW: Am not nor have ever been a PTer. Hired in directly to FT in 1981'.
  13. wkmac

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    By voting down your supplement and having the rest of the country waiting on you, I can see where you guys are kinda sitting in the catbird seat and could end up steering your own boat. Will be interesting to watch for sure.

    They wanna sell you the car because if they do, they qualify for a much larger bonus from the new sales contest they have going on. Their sales commission from the car they sell you is unimportant as opposed to the big picture.

    You may be in position to name your own price for that car as all they have to do is move it and getting you to buy it will be the key!

    Good luck and we'll be watching!
  14. wkmac

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    Gee Tie, you knew come contract time that this would happen and you know you've loved every minute of it. I'd suspect once the contract is completely done and the malcontents go back into hibernation, you will suffer from withdrawals and will have to enter Rehab!
  15. browned out

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    Thanks for the info. Our supplement in cs is very vague. It does concern me that pcd can work in excess of 40 hours a week and still get only 20 hour vacation checks part time health care and pension.
  16. tieguy

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    your right to do so if you participate. Looks like your local definitely participated. :wink2:
  17. tieguy

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    no doubt. Next excitement here will be the presidential elections.:wink2:
  18. RockyRogue

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    Oh, dear heaven....that'll be a firestorm this time! :angry:
  19. tieguy

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    Question. you voted against the local 804 supplement? Your tdu site only shows two pages of changes on the supplement and nothing about the pension. What on the supplement is your local voting against?
  20. browned out

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    The teamsters page shows two pages also.

    804 did not vote blindly like alot of other UPSers did. They asked for answers for definite answers for vague or omitted language.

    Another example of the vague language was all part timers will be placed in the UPS benifet plan that includes a prescription card.

    If I was a part timer, I would have asked to see this plan. I could care less about the card; part timers rxs are paid in full already. Tell me about the actual benifets, deductables, if I can see my own doctor etc.
    I am sure UPS knows what plan they are going to use. We all know how UPS loves to send out material and mailings.(I got 3 on the new CS pension) Why was the new health care plan not sent out?

    Anyhow it looks like 804 read their contract and demanded answers.

    As you said Tie, where is the pension language? the 804ers asked the same question before they voted.