Nichols retires after 38 years with UPS

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    Nichols retires after 38 years with UPS - Beatrice Daily Sun

    For the first time in nearly four decades, United Parcel Service deliveryman Duane Nichols will be running on his own schedule.

    Nichols, or “Nick” as his coworkers call him, delivered his last package Dec. 30, after 38 years of logging hundreds of miles a day across southeast Nebraska in his brown delivery truck.
  2. rod

    rod retired and happy

    I think I would have timed it better so as to not have to work one last peak. Me thinks Duane must have bumped his head one too many times in an old P400:wink2:
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    Sounds like he has some great ideas on how to keep busy in retirement. No rocking chair for him. I hope he enjoys every minute.

    He has provided well for his family, and now he is on his own time. It is what we all are hoping to achieve some day.
  4. cino321

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    38 years in package? If I worked in his building I would of hoped that he went into feeder or retired... he's holding everyone up.
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    Maybe he just enjoyed his job.
  6. rod

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    shurly you jest--- we are talking UPS package driver here.