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    Just came across an article in my contract book that says something about night differential and just wanted to know are preloaders entitled to this and if not can filing a grievance fix this. All comments are welcomed.
  2. jibbs

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    I'm assuming here that the night differential is accountable for preloaders starting out making $9.50 an hour and other shifts' employees start out making $8.50 an hour, but that's an uneducated guess.
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    That sounds right. I started on daylight over 12 yrs ago and took a sort test just to get that $1.00 raise, I then transferred to preload a year later and was worried I may somehow lose that 1.00 hr raise. I called the union about it and they told me preload gets that $1.00 hr. regardless because it is considered a "skill" shift. Personally any shift to me is a "skill" shift. Hard work but I like it even after 12 yrs. Hopefully this helped you out
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    When I worked in Payroll, there were some locals that we paid a differential to. Some employees were permanently set up for it based on their job assignment and we ran a report to catch the ones who might be working that type of shift on an occasional basis. If your local has that type of language and you think you might be entitled to it, you can always have your supervisor put in a payroll inquiry and ask them to explain why you are or are not receiving it.