NJ Asks UPS to Recognize Gay Couples


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NJ Asks UPS To Give Gay Workers Same Benefits As Married Ones - CNN Money

Gov. Jon S. Corzine sent a letter Friday to United Parcel Service Inc. (UPS) urging the shipping giant to respect New Jersey's civil unions law and offer gay employees the same benefits for their partners that married workers get.


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Boy that will be the day.The way i see it it is bad enough to have to work with Gays why should UPS cover the Boyfriend or the Girlfriend?
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Wow, that was nasty, I'm surprised you left out the rest of your thoughts...bad enough to work with the gays, the women, the blacks, the mexicans..... I'm sure its a long list..

People are people man, you get what you give out of life.


I agree lobo,if hogster was running things he'd put them all in
"special" camps with signs that say "work sets you free"
It shouldn't matter who you take as a partner morally,but I think
the financial savings are huge for ups to just dismiss this until its
law.There`s a lot of room for abuse when it comes to same sex
relationships.Like the new movie,"I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry"