NJ man awarded $1M in UPS whistleblower lawsuit

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by HBGPreloader, Mar 5, 2009.

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    I wouldn't have guessed that using the hotline number would then qualify you as a whistle-blower and give you protection under that law.

    At least if it didn't before, because of this case, you're protected now.
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    Not to bad! Maybe good ole UPS will think twice the next time. I have no doubt there will be a next time. They never learn from their mistakes.
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    be careful, be very careful. he was protected by New Jersey law. it might not be the same in every state. this does show that the reporting hot line may not be as confidential as they would have us believe.
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    According to the article, the criminals surmised that he was the WBer. My guess is at some point he questioned their actions or he was the only one out of the bunch that didn't partake in the scam. Or as you mentioned, the hot line isn't as confidential as it should be.
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    Of course, UPS (company guidelines and policies) did not condone this in anyway. These individuals acted on their own. Has anyone heard what happen to the culpable individuals in this case?

    This a quote from the Central Jersey article and I think it says it well. I hope these individuals were made an example for the rest of management.
    But Michael Bissinger, the Florham Park attorney for UPS, said these were the actions of a few people, not the company as a whole."If I can tell you anything, UPS took notice," he said. "It's not the evil empire."
  10. I can tell you from personal experience that the hotline is NOT confidential. If you are going to call the hotline to report something you might just as well send it in an email to the person you are calling about. They will find out about what you report just as fast if you call the hotline. NOTHING that HR tells you is confidential is truly confidential? United Way contributions? UPSPAC contributions? Yeah, right.
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    I can say that if I was going to report a manager for breaking the law as well as company policy, I may not bother with the hot line. I'm not bashful and would say it (if I had proof) right in front of the offender.

    What is UPSPAC?
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    UPS Political Action Committee?

    A fancy name for the lobby groups who spend their time (and our money) on Capitol Hill trying to influence legislation which would benefit UPS (RLA?)
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    I can tell you that in my experience the call is confidential and ups does keep it so. The problem with a whistleblower scenario can be that there are a limited number of people who have knowledge of what is going on. The perps can probably figure out who has knowledge and who blew the whistle.

    I was impressed to see that ups publicly stated they take responsibility for their actions in the press release. I don't know if I have ever seen a corporation say that after losing a lawsuit.
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    "......the actions of a few people,......". That's it, minimize the issue....the unsuspecting public will never know.

    "It's not the evil empire".
    It's not?.....could have fooled me.
    Again.....minimization at it's finest.
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    They can have drinks on the credit card but can't buy drinks at an employee get together. Sweet.
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    Oh, so it's the company's answer to D.R.I.V.E.
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    Only much more effective.
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    Really? And which party was the big winner in the last round of elections?
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    Relax---I was just having some fun.
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    well, if the fun was targeted toward me (which is ok) it would have been wasted. I'm not so proud of what my drive dollars went for this time around.