NLRB petition card distribution/collection begins

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by nospinzone, Feb 23, 2007.

  1. nospinzone

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    APWA kicked off the decert/election process this morning in Louisville. Danny Eason stood with local APWA supporters from that hub for two hours and handed out NLRB cards to receptive employees during the shift change. The local Teamsters business agent Kevin Evans showed up a hour and a half into the process and in response...............................distributed cartoons.:lol:
  2. FreightKicker

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    "Way to GO APWA!"

    Lets get it in gear TeXaS! APWA can make it happen for us!!:thumbup1:
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  3. Good luck with your broke union! Don't forget to send in your $150.00, so the apwa can bargain with the 40 billion dollar UPS! What a laugh! I wouldn't join the apwa for 2 cents! I've seen the pictures of those two guys on that apwa website, one looks like an alcoholic and the other a used car salesmen. Have some fun and try to match my descriptions with there faces.
  4. FreightKicker

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    You should Judge a man by his character not by his picture.

    With that I leave you a Quote. "The character of a man is known from his conversations."
    (342 BC - 292 BC)
  5. brett636

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    Sweet, hopefully you will lose this election swiftly so that we don't have to listen to your rhetoric anymore.
  6. RockyRogue

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    I'd have to agree, Brett. Its a shame its all rhetoric. If it was the Teamsters I'd almost believe it. -Rocky
  7. Bill

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    Why don't you allow the Teamsters in so that they can steal your benefits from you just like they are doing to us at UPS. You obviously are being misled by the Teamster propaganda without doing any research for yourself.
  8. Bill

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    What if the APWA wins the election? Then you will not have to listen to the rhetoric any longer either, because there will not be a Teamster union to steal from us any longer.
  9. FreightKicker

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    They don’t have a clue who is taking or who is being taken. Besides, if they did do the research they might have to say APWA was right! God forbid for that to happen! Bill O'Reilly calls them Kool-Aid drinkers. Drink up, drink up!

    Folks it’s a NO BRAINER! Do the research!

    APWA - TeXaS :thumbup1:
  10. FreightKicker

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    I agree...Somebody (IBT) told somebody a pack of lies! They are afraid to do the research...They might figure out how much they have already lost and losing! All they have to do is the research! Simple? I think so!
  11. FreightKicker

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    APWA is looking better each day. Did you see what IBT is doing now? Allied now...Who's next? :scared:

    Hoffa Agrees to 15% Wage Cut at Allied
  12. FreightKicker

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    Hoffa Agrees to 15% Wage Cut at Allied
    Who's Next?

    Thank you 18wheelbrownie...Somebody is doing research!
  13. govols019

    govols019 You smell that?

    It seems the person that should be doing research is you. People like you make my head hurt.

    The choice was 15% or no jobs because Allied was headed towards bankruptcy. With this deal in place Yucaipa takes over Allied and preserves the pension and H&W.

    Here is what Allied wanted:

    The main highlights of the Allied proposal are:

    1. Eliminate all future wage increases and cost of living increases. Eliminate all future health, welfare and pension increases.

    2. Impose a 2.8% wage reduction for all drivers (or 0.55% in the case of brokers, taken from the percentage of revenue). These wage cuts are frozen in place for four years.

    3. Eliminate all Teamster health plans. Employees will be offered a company health plan. Allied's cost for the health care plan is capped at 74%, so employees will have to pay 26% of the monthly premium cost. Allied will not pay contributions for dates when the employee is absent without pay or on workers' compensation.

    4. Eliminate all Teamster pension plans. Establish a 401(k) with a 2% monthly contribution.
  14. FreightKicker

    FreightKicker FreightKicker

    You are right govols019...More research was needed. Thank You for the correction.
  15. mittam

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    Freightkicker don't know what area of Texas yuo are I was told yesterday they are kicking off there 2-26, here in Dayton, Ohio area we will also kickoff tomorrow 2-26. Several other areas will also start the campaign this coming week, Thank God it is here now we can really get this endeavor to the end and have a UPS only union!!!!!!!!!!
  16. brett636

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    It appears you need to learn to read the articles you post. As posted earlier Allied is being taken over by its creditors and is in bankruptcy.

    Does anyone find it ironic that this supposed card collecting event started a month before target release date for the new contract(if it does happen)? Is the APWA afraid the teamsters may come out with an even better contract that would thwart their pathetic efforts?
  17. 30andout

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    I hope your right, if they can come up with a GOOD contract then they are doing their job. But I don't think they can do that and keep themselves rolling in dough.
  18. 3brownstars

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    I find it ironic that you belive the IBT will live up to their end of whatever contract they negotiate. With a proven record of reducing pension and healthcare benefits, their "contracts" aren't worth the paper they're printed on.
  19. mittam

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    With in a month of another "richest Contract in the history of UPS" that half way through it we will have all the negotiated plans taken away from us. Actually whether or not the ibt and UPS negotiate and ratify a contract the APWA still has until August of 2008 to accomplish a union for and by the UPS people. We will attain this in due time.
  20. mittam

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    Card campaign kickoff in West Carrollton, Ohio (Dayton) We need 30% toget this to a vote and our center already has that thanks to all who participated, we also anticipate having about 90% of our people sign cards, Part-timers took a great welcome to this their response was almost overwhelming!!!!!!!