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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by currahee, Jul 20, 2010.

  1. currahee

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    On Friday last week my sup told me to call to see if they were up guys.. I did and they were i got the day and had a nice 3 day weekend.
    Sunday night comes around and I'm up all night cant stay out of bathroom. I call in sick get a hard time as expected. This morning wake feel no better Immodium isnt working so I dont go to work.
    My friend sends me a message that they say i was no call no show ***!
    The last center i was in (in same building book off and then you book back in when you are going back to work).
    Any advice?
  2. jeffpatterson

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    The teamsters will take care of you.
  3. DS

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    Call and explain to them the situation.You should not have assumed it was ok to just not show up.
    If you have past issues with attendance,you are probably out of a job.
  4. over9five

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    Don't worry about it. Book back on tomorrow and go to work.
  5. Anonymous 10

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    And talk to your steward so he is aware of the situation.
  6. browniehound

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    Yes, come up with a better excuse! The above is used by me and everyone else, everytime! Up all night and on the toilet! Thats a good one!

    I'm just joking and trying to give you a hard time because you will be fine. You called and thats it. Doesn't matter if you were up all night taking wiskey shots of the chest of two women on the toilet and in the bathroom.

    If you called to "book off" then you will still have a job.
  7. JonFrum

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    You followed the "book-off book-on proceedure so you should be OK.
    - - -
    If your avatar means you are in New England, see Supplement Article 57, Section 6 (b) "Any employee who is absent because of proven illness shall maintain his seniority."
    - - -
    Does this sentence say Management called you a vulgar word?????
    "My friend sends me a message that they say i was no call no show ***!"
  8. currahee

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    My buddy said sent a message on Facebook saying they were freaking out calling me a no call/ no show. I would think that since i called and they hadn't heard from me that would mean that i'm still out of service!
    I've been here for 15 years called in before ,so iI know how it works,but all of sudden i follow procedure and I no call/no show.
  9. UpstateNYUPSer

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    This must vary from region to region. Here in Upstate NY, unless we have a doctor's note or other documentation which shows a definite time frame where we won't be at work, we have to call in each day. We do have to have a note if we are going to be out for more than 3 days.

    In hindsight I think you should not have assumed (ass_u_me) and should have picked up the phone.
  10. currahee

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    Book off then book on when going back to work I followed procedure.
  11. currahee

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    We dont have to call everyday we are going to be out.
  12. UnsurePost

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    why people call in, leave a message (or not) and explain why there are out is beyond me. It's no ones business but your own.
  13. hdkappler

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    just have your wife call in for you.or better yet the