No call no show?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by CACH117, May 20, 2014.

  1. CACH117

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    I missed my first day of work today. I work in CACH, day 37, and it's too late to call in. I simply didn't set an alarm. I don't know if I'm in the union yet, I have been paying union dues since my first paycheck, however I believe they said I would be union after 40 days. Will I be fired for not coming in?
  2. DougH

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    Call in anyways. Call now

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  3. cachsux

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    Better to call in late than not at all.

    P.s. Does CACH sux as bad as it's rumored?
  4. ArcherUTR

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    Be apologetic and try hard to still work. If you are a driver you could run trash, misloads, or help out other drivers. If you work then you are not No Call No Show.

    However, if you are not on their radar and this is unique occurrence, depending on your center, this is not really that big of a deal. It's hard to get fired from UPS.
  5. Covemastah

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    Were you at a Cubs game Ferris ?? tell the truth !!
  6. CACH117

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    To my knowledge this I'm not on their radar. I was moved to two trailers on my second week, currently still do those two but also check in on a different two every 15 minutes. It is a very unique occurrence, I've been very punctual, I finished my book, always follow the guide lines that were taught in training so my walls are always great. Honestly CACH in my experience hasn't been bad. It is definitely busy, and yesterday I walked directly across to a different OB to help and it took 10 minutes to get there. In my experience what I don't like is some of the workers. There are sometimes some who don't come in two days in a row, there's always a lot of complaining/not listening, and about 60 percent of the trailers I go to clean up at the end of the sort have a false wall with a bunch of randomly thrown boxes behind them. I'm not accustomed to this type of work force.
  7. bleedinbrown58

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    It's never too late to call in...even if they still put you down as a NC/NS. Explain you happens. Just don't make it a habit.
  8. brostalss

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    Once I had an FHP scheduled on a Friday. I showed up Monday and my Sup asked me where I was on Friday? They said I was a No Call No Show. Told them I had an FHP scheduled and that was that.