No end in sight for DHL-UPS talks

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    No end in sight for DHL-UPS talks - Dayton Daily News

    Express shipper DHL, which is slashing its U.S. operations after announcing plans in May 2008 to hire United Parcel Service to take over its U.S. cargo sorting and hauling, is still in contract negotiations with UPS.

    The changes in DHL's U.S. strategy since then, plus the economic downturn that has reduced the volume of shipments, have complicated the talks, spokesmen for DHL and UPS said Monday, Jan. 26. Spokesmen for the companies declined to discuss details or predict when or whether they will be concluded successfully.
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    why did we let WORLD WIDE EXPRESS come in and negotiate new accounts for X amount of dollars from DHL when the drivers could have done it for free. that to me is a total waste of i wrong?