No feeder cover driver in my biulding

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    I work the local sort and our feeder driver is on vacation. Instead of having a cover driver we have a driver from a near by center come up (with his loaded trailer) and the local sorters unload his trailer and load it on to ours. Meanwhile none of those packages are getting scanned when we offload to our trailer. I have been told that no fulltimer is on the list to cover and no one wants to. What is the best course of action to getting this corrected? Shouldn't there be a cover driver list up for the feeders and if no full timer wants it could part timers sign it? I just dont see how they can get away with this...
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    any advice??
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    I really coudn't tell you. I work in a feeder department based in a hub, and when I was on call back in January I was asked to help cover a feeder run out of a nearby center because the normal driver was on vacation. Even though it required me to drive further to get to the center versus my normal hub I obliged so that I could do something a little different. I would think that they would have to bid out their own cover driver at some point, but I dunno what contract obligations there are in regards to it.
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    Call the union hall