No meetings, No uniforms, No rentals

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  1. txdriver75

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    This no spending on anything until the end of the 1st fiscal quarter has gone beyond stupid. At my station we have 3 copiers. Only one works. The other two have problems. One of our over head bay doors stopped working. When I went to our Senior manager yesterday to find out about fixing it. He told me that his boss said as long as we can manually open and close the door, they will not fix it. They are only have the trucks washed once a month now. At last month their truck broke down, so its been 2 months since the trucks been washed. All of this so they can buy new planes, and pay people thousands of dollars to leave. It is just sad.
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    The buyout will save a ton of money in the long run.
  3. fedupped

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    Which will turn into stock options for the fortunate very few.
  4. Nick9075

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    Are you ground or express? Let me tell you as a ground contractor with 3 home delivery routes I am making nothing, zilch. Between the ground business 'model', diesel at $4.49 a gallon, tolls and repairs I have no extra. I am surprised I haven't gotten my 30 day notice of termination which I expected

    I am not upset because the economy has come back strong. I can go back to my previous career and easily make at least $85000 a year
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    3 routes and you aren't taking home 85k a year as is? That's just bad... But then again HD sucks.
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    Welcome to "Third World Express", where nothing gets fixed, employees wear rags, and everything is a cluster. We are there. and "the World On Time" needs to be replaced with "Maybe You'll Get It".
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    Either you hate what you were doing or you love FedEx. Why else have the headache of running a business if you're not making money?
  8. Nick9075

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    Uh no, probably not even half that this year but I am not worried because I can easily make over $50,000 on the sale. There is no way to make $85,000 as net cash flow given the rates for stops and packages which are not negotiable.
    But the economy & job market has really turned around so why should I be worried.. Everyone I know is back to where they were in terms of income prior to 2008
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    So you are making zilch with all the contractors headaches, could sell.and make a.quick $80 grand and have a former job that you van easily walk back into and make $85.grand? But you stay? WTF?? Something doesn't add up. Why is the exit plan only good for if the company chooses not to renew the contract? BTW nice to see you getting past their scare tactics.
  10. Doc Sorting Dude

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    "I can make $85,000 easily" sounds like an infomercial.
  11. CJinx

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    Maybe you should take a hard look at your operation and find areas to eliminate waste or theft.
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    It does......"by placing tiny ads from my one bedroom apartment." :happy2: