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    As of the first of May there will no longer be a code 28/29 10 min break. The memo says you should take a 10 min break but don't use the codes. It also goes on to say that if you can't take a 10 min break you should let your manager know via an approved FedEx communication device such as a power pad.

    This will have a minimal effect on an RTD or CSA, but for you DGO drivers out their you guys just saw a small bump in you stops per hour. Since you are no longer coding a 10 min break per 4 hours you will not show this break, instead it will show that you had no productivity during this time. How much do you want to bet that the managers will be pushing the station engineer for a change in your stops per hour within 6 months of this.
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    Wish Texas had paid breaks. Really enjoyed those when I was in Colorado.
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    Our managers have been moving 28/29's around to different time spots once the day is over for years to boost the pph. We take them when and if we can which is 50/50 then once the daily repor is ran there placed wherever it benefits #'s the most. I bet one in five of my timecards in the last year have been altered with me being asked for my intials on it with 28/29's
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    Managers have been falsifying timecards for years and years. They will shave your hours at peak to 59.5 when you actually worked 62 hours. They will put in breaks that you did not take and what ever else it takes to make their numbers look good and be in compliance and keep the senior off their back. We once had a senior manager that was changing the timecards of every courier in the station just to make her budget and numbers look good. It was rampant falsification by her and all her Ops managers. It is sad that we are out there working, sweating, in the rain, running and stressing and that time was given free to the company to make the station look good to higher ups.
    Falsification is nothing new to FedEx, that's why these number games lead to so many class action lawsuits. Personally, I do not trust any manager at FedEx and their agendas from above.
    FedEx is now the gift that keeps giving, love all these class action payouts, keep em coming!!
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    I wonder if UPS has less lawsuits as a result of having a union..Seems like a lot of problems get resolved through the union and before it gets to the point where a driver or drivers are ready to contact a lawyer.
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    I bet UPS has a lot less lawsuits b/c they have a contract with their employees which spells out to the letter just about everything that will effect the hourly employee. Whereas with us, X can just do whatever it wants whenever it wants and we have to deal w/it.
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    So..that's a good reason to have a union...saves the co. millions and lawyers fees...
  8. I guess you haven't been reading about the other reasons. It's a long list.
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    Yes..I know other reasons..(ups 1989-1999) just something I hadn't considered..although not advertised..just not going to happen in my tenure at Fedex.although I am glad I've been able to transfer and work parttime..something I couldn't do at UPS when I was there..I made my regrets..
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    You are a funny boy. funny, funny, boy. ( I mean that in the most sincere fashion.)
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    We can't use those codes in this area, unless we're looking to sign off on an olcc.