No More God in Schools....But Homosexuality is OK?!

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by big_arrow_up, Dec 11, 2007.

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  2. I don't even know how to comment on that
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    S.B. 777
    gays in, parents out.
    So the state has decided that we all need to be told how to behave ; that your parents choices in child upbringing, your religions beliefs, your cultural beliefs have no standing anymore.
    ? When all the non liberals leave Ca. who will be left ?
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    Geez Baba, wake up! It's been like that for years and getting worse. We acquiesed ourselves to the gov't many, many moons ago and now like good businesspeople, they are molding their future product to provide the most efficent and productive raw materials in order to assure the best business model down the road. It's what any smart business person would do! A society of citizen automatons!

    Maybe Pink Floyd had it right:

    "We Don't Need No Education! We don't Need Your Thought Control!"

    And some thought this was just mindless lefty protests of hippies who smoked to much dope!

    With all the gays in your schools do you think GW and Ted Kennedy laughed out of sight of public at the name, "No Child Left BEHIND!" Maybe it was secret code!

    Hey Big Arrow, GW is your boy not mine so this is your problem!

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    But then we make it so easy for them to make their case when we act like this in public!

    Normally I'd laugh but in light of the topic at hand, it's really not that funny is it?
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    Karma's way of making up for "Christians" like this:

    Honestly, I often wonder what the world would be like without religion? We'd still find something to fight over.

    Here's the trick to fighting the gay thing in schools, call and complain, go to the PTA meetings and express your thoughts and educate your own damn children.

    I'm a child of the late 80's, early 90's - I watched Beavis and Butt-Head and I didn't steal. I didn't set buildings on fire. I watched Ren & Stimpy and I didn't eat cat litter or be extremely violent.

    My parents set a model and ....imagine this for a second...took the time to guide me in the right direction of RIGHT and wrong. Why the hell is it up to the schools?

    You know what happens to your little precious kids when they get to college? They see this stuff non-stop. In fact, from my experience, the most protected sheltered kids turn out to be the most morally bad kids. Let me tell you, when I lived on campus - I LOVED the freshmen "christian" girls who were on lock down their whole lives and were finally cut loose all the sudden at college.
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    That is an interesting question. Would 9/11 have happened? Would the American witch burnings of the 1700's have taken place? The crusades? Would a group of pilgrims have ever left the Old World for the New World? The list I would think could be endless to say the least.

    Have you ever pondered "what is Religion?" Seems on the one hand kinda stupid to ask but consider this part of the definition of Religion:

    Based on that part of the definition, I'd think it's fair to say that religion will not only be always with us but in fact is all around us. Even a strong devotee of atheistism who goes about his belief with zeal would fit the definition of a religious person. I think it fair to say based of the definiton above that we all in some form or manner are religious, it's just on specifics where we part company or in the case of some merge with others to form collective groups which make us feel secure and even powerful in our beliefs. It's that insecurity or fear that others will take or overpower our beliefs (whether justified or not) that cause the conflict that in the end cause the abuse of the human condition and situation.

    The Sci-Fi novel Dune was an admixture of religion and political strife and struggle but I always thought one saying from the book/movie that was most insightful:

    "Fear is the mindkiller!" I think we've all had our mind killed from time to time because we lack faith in ourselves and thus we doubt our own beliefs as a result. When we have more around us who believe the same we then feel secure and the doubt subsides. Tomorrow according to tradition, a man was born some 2k plus years ago and some 33 years later he faced a situation all alone and those who had stood by him had turned from him. In my case, I'm sure glad he had the strenght to stand strong when all around him succumbed the the mindkiller, FEAR!

    A strong sword is always first tempered by fire. Don't worry yourself with the frailing about of those whom you differ and may seem to have an upperhand. If you believe then stand strong with your family and continue to do as you've done even if you end up being the only one doing it. I also believe in the end that like the Tower of Babel that beliefs are so diverse that your foes in the end will argue and fight among themselves (the real lesson of the story IMO) thus bringing down the very Tower they built to magnify themselves. Once divided and weak they will fall like the overripe fruit from a tree and rot upon the ground!

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    What about Adam and Lilith?
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    God forbid they allow religion in the schools so the kids have a way to deal with issues such as homosexuality. :dissapointed:
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    our schools have gone to hell. I don't necessarily object to teaching tolerence towards gays but disagree with teaching intolerence towards religions. perhaps we should take the concept of tolerance or intolerance out of the schools alltogether. Whats that little susie you have a question about religion? ask your mom or day. Don't understand why johnny has two men for his mommy and daddy then ask your mom and dad about it. Meanwhile since your here I'm going to teach you how to read and then I'm going to teach you some pre-algebra. You better pay attention or I'll be talking to your mom and day myself.

    I don't need schools teaching my kids on socialization. Thats a step beyond what I want from the teachers entrusted to teach my kids. I want them to master english and math so they can be accepted into one of the better colleges available. Understanding and appreciating religion or homosexuality will not get my kids an engineering degree. Let school teach reading, writing and arithmetic and let me teach them the lessons of religion and tolerance.
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    Not only that, it really pisses me off how obsessed schools are with how students dress! I would rather them do their job (teach), and let me worry about how my kids dress.

    EXAMPLE: At my sisters kids school, her daughter was sent home with a note that she couldn't wear a top with less than a 1 inch strap (ie no spaghetti straps). When she brought up the fact that all the Spanish girls had spaghetti straps, she was told that this was ok because that was their heritage. :censored2::censored2::censored2:!!!
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    I can't believe you censored my last three letters. can I express myself without being censored? Let's see....


    I would like an explanation from the moderators why those three letters THAT WEREN'T SWEARS were censored.
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    In internet speak they mean "What the Fried" chicken but think of a procreative act in the case of the word fried! I also at times feel your frustration but I also understand BC's point. We tend to act like 2 year olds at times so safe guards are in place to nip it in the ::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::.

    I wonder if this symbol will get censored?

    Glad I previewed the post to see and I was right. Amazing I picked a icon from the BC's own icon list and it got censored. I picked the icon that showed the cute little behind pic so you get the drift. It just proves my point that we've acted like helyons and Mom has come in and made us all do time out. We did it to ourselves so there you go!

    I've noticed on several threads that they've turned from talking about the issue of the thread and gone off into personal attacks and now I noticed one of our members has jumped into another thread that they've not been apart of at all just to attack someone who has all because of goings on with other threads. This was the hallmark practice of previous members who were slothy and susie Q'ish in that they would chase certain members across the boards to to attack and now I'm starting to see this practice pop up again. I wonder how it will be handled this time if at all? As I said, we've done this to ourselves!

    As to your frustration there Over, to quote a former President'

    "I feel your pain!"

    You know I never understood what he meant by the pain part untilr I saw a picture one day of Monica. I never knew she had braces on her teeth!

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    Sorry Tie,
    I did take a bit of license with your post but you gotta admit that some here would rollover at those words.

    As to what you said about the 3 R's etc. AMEN Brother! You are correct! I don't want anyone trying to indoctrinate my kids on religion. I have nothing against religion, it can be a wonderful thing but to take any child into a classroom setting where the perception is that all truth is taught and then teach a specific religion or advocate a specific religion faith or dogma, even one I adhere too, is wrong and over rides the trump of parental authority and rights.

    In my book, family comes first period and at times there are singular cases that makes this position very tough to maintain but I look at the broader picture not single, lone cases to justify my belief!
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    This was not censored by a person, the Mod's name would show up as "edited by" under the post. It was probably the software filters that Cheryl uses to catch spam and porn. I'm surprised that it was censored, I have seen W*T*F used a lot of times on this site before. For some reason, some words will slip through. I don't know if the Administrator has changed the settings on the filters, I don't have access to that.
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    Sorry Scratch, that did piss me off. The REASON those letters are used is so you DON'T SWEAR! Those three letters are NOT a swear, and I'm insulted that my post was censored, as I DON'T SWEAR!
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    It's reading between the letters and knowing what the initials mean that may have caused the censor.
    There is a website that identifies letters being used on the web, as opposed to the actual words written.Good website for parents who might not have a clue what their kids are posting online.

    I am impressed that you don't swear, very challenging working at UPS.
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    Well :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:, over9five, I have to agree with you on this one. I noticed that you were using "PO'd Member" under your Username and I was wondering why. I was thinking it was because you and Tie weren't asked the last round to be Mods, (you were nominated). The censored words or initials issue needs to be taken up with the Boss. Well, at least we still have PO'd and BS for now, I don't know how long that will last. :censored2:

    By the way, you are a better man than me if you don't swear.
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    It was me that entered the initials of:


    into the automated censor.

    In my experience those intials only represent one phrase.

    Perhaps there's another phrase, with the same abbreviation, that I'm unaware of. Educate me, I'm old... but I haven't heard everything yet.
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    Years ago ,in a galaxy, far, far away (the 1950's) I was walking with my father looking at the store windows in downtown Houston. I made the statement" That's a bunch of crud".
    Dad said to never say that word again.
    I bowed up and told him crud was not a bad word.
    He looked at me and said," When you said crud ,you meant crap".
    He then explained to me, that it is not the word you use, but the meaning behind it.
    It was a lesson in self censorship.
    Granted, I am still learning that lesson.