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  1. dilligaf

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    Ok we've been hearing all week about no more one time p/u. Everything is going to ODS. So now all drivers are going to have to carry shipping supplies incl. asd labels for every concievable shipping requirement? NXD, 2D, Int's, grd, etc. One of our drivers asked the our sup what is he supposed to do when the cnee asks if he takes credit cards. I don't know what the response was but I do know that we have customers that are :censored2: off because of this change. We have some regular p/u's that only ship with one times. I know of one regular shipper (daily) that was forced to go with a regular p/u acc't instead of the one times that he has been doing forever. I for one was very glad of that because I no longer have to deal with 10/20 checks every day. One of our drivers had an ODS p/u the other day, did not get until after leaving center, and was supposed to take an envelope and IntNDA waybill to customer. Of course the driver didn't have one and suggested to the customer to go to the local UPS store. Customer was not happy, at all. Is everyone else coming across this same problem?
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    Just another move in the name of NOT serving the customer. It's easy to make these decisions when you don't actually have to face the customer. Like we have time to fill out an international waybill. I fear for the future on this company.
  3. dilligaf

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    Have time to fill one out ??????????????? I'm not sure that I know how to fill one out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL:surprised:
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    Shouldn't you be carrying supplies any way? How did you do your on call airs? There is a space on the ASD to write in the credit card #.I do find all this very annoying.It seems to be a good opportunity to turn in a sales lead though.I tell the customers it will be easier if they open an account and get the ASD's pre printed with all their info.Tell them it will make their life easier.Seems to be working.The only question I have that no one has been able to answer is what if the customer wants to ship COD? I havent seen a COD tag in years.I think this forces the customer to open a daily or internet account.
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    I asked my center manager about this lastweek and knew nothing of it and he's usually on the ball about this stuff.
  6. dilligaf

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    The only on call airs I have ever p/u are from customers that have already printed out the labels but didn't want to drive to the center or to the local ups store to drop them off.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Unfortunately we don't carry supplies because our center manager doesn't order them. On my route I average 1 COD a month and it usually is on an old COD tag. I always give the guy hell for ruining my month.
  8. satellitedriver

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    I have requested ASD's for months and have not gotten any from the center.
    Just yesterday I had an OCA (for a ground package) and customer requested an ASD.
    Bingo, I actually found an old Ground ASD in my supplies.
    I get there and they are not home.
    There is a box there that has been sitting in the rain for days.
    No to/from, no info at all on the box. I tag the door showing I tried to pick up.
    How can I fill out the ASD without knowing where it should go, or if this was the right pkg?
    I had a complaint filed by the customer in my pouch this morning for not picking up their pkg.
    BTW, this is a place that the yard has never been mowed. I watch for copperheads while walking to their door and have stepped on two rats while delivering in the past.
    Sorry to rant, but this is a perfect example ,IMO, why we should eliminate ASD's.
    It is applying 1980's technology in the 21st century.
  9. DS

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    We have not had otpu for a thousand years here....its been oncalls here forever.Anyone can call for a same day p/u air ground whatever,pay cash,check,credit card,no debit (yet)we have to keep all the supplies,
    dom wb,intl wb overweight,sat del,early am,intl tr labels dom tr labels
    customs dec forms,I had 22 oncalls wednesday.I can fill out a wb in less than a minute and attatch multi pkg tr labels now no matter how many pkgs you have in your basement.I hate it but its called customer service here.
  10. mattwtrs

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    Do you unload the on calls in a special area so the pkgs can be made smart(human readable barcode)? I used to see so many Next Day Air ASD's with barely readable addresses that were missorts because of smears & smudged zip codes. Is there a plan to prevent this from happening?
  11. dilligaf

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    also, asd shippers are notorious for not getting their shipping number written down. If I p/u an asd I try make sure that the address and shipping number are legible on the bottom copy. If it isn't I will fill it in or overwrite it so that it can be read.
  12. jds4lunch

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    I don't even know what a one time p/u is. I've been at UPS for 2 years, and have never heard anything about them.
  13. brownmonster

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    DS, you still have customer service in Canada. We had it here at one time too. Wait awhile, it will soon disappear.
  14. browniehound

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    This is going to create many headaches. Filling out 1 ASD is bad enough. I loathe the customer that requests as ASD with their pick-up.
    It would be one thing if our great company would give us a time allowance for such things. Unfortunately there is no option in the DIAD for "Idiot customer who doesn't want to use interent shipping and print their own labels but rather waste 20 minutes of someone's time filling out 12 ground ASD's"

    I say this because its happened to me more than once. Of course this happens at the time of day when your back is to the wall with scheduled pick-ups.

    I would never do this to anyone in the service industry. What customers do to us by asking for 12 ASD's is like showing up at a small roast beef place with 16 hungray kids at 1230 without calling ahead of time. Or taking the entire 5th grade class there after a field trip.

    I just wouldn't do that and I consider it rude and disrepectful of people who do, do it. I wouldn't tie someone up at 1 stop for 20 minutes when its expected of this person to produce 20 stops/hour servicing other customers.

    There are customers out there that are cognizant of our situation and do everything in their power to get us in their business and out as fast as possible. These customers are priceless and I would bend over backwards to help them in anyway I can.

    You know the ones. In the morning they hear your horn as you back to the dock. By the time you back up they are out there with their own cart. You throw them their stuff and they put it on the cart. When you come back at night, they are right there to help you load. When they ask on certain days "can you come early or can you come back later", I certainly say "you bet I can".:peaceful:
  15. Dirty Savage

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    It never ceases to amaze me just how much of a difference there is between the way things are done here in Canada as opposed to the U.S. One-time p/u? What the hell is that?
  16. looper804

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  17. BigBrownSanta

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    I don't fill out asd's or gsd's on area. I tell them I don't carry supplies on my truck. I then take the packages (making sure I have the ship to address).

    If they say they need tracking numbers, I give them the number to the center and have them call after 8 PM and ask the OMS for their tracking numbers.

    I use PM time to fill out the asd's and gsd's when I get back to the building. If the shipper said they needed tracking numbers then I will leave a copy of the shipping documents with the OMS before I leave to go home.
  18. upsmanckp

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    This new policy is to say the least a perfect example of UPS's SOP....Step over a dollar to pick up a nickel!!!

    I had the very same problem....customer had no idea what was going on and I had no documents. I kinda hinted about how nice it is to ship through the net and he informed me he has a Mac...nuff said....UPS only works through Bill Gates.
  19. local804

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    very true
    penny wise dollar foolish
  20. upsgrunt

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    I have an account that ships through UPS online via a Mac. What's the problem?