No more outside carriers!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I am a road driver out of KC MO and the bottom 10 to 15 drivers are being:biting: starved out only getting 2 to 3 days a week, while outside carriers pull 5 to 10 loads a day out of our terminal!! We have had team and single runs cut completely and the miles have been cut from several team runs as well!!

    We had about 12 drivers laid off from December 08 to July 09 and the hole time they ran the **** out of outside carriers!! This has really but a bad taste in my mouth and other driver mouths about UPS!!!!

    I would like to know if this is happening at other terminal? I heard Chicago still has a few drivers laid off!! I don't understand this way of doing business starving your own drivers and giving our freight to outsiders!! The reason UPS is leading the industry is because we have the best and safest driver!! That's why its so hard to become a driver for this company, so what sense does it make to put that reputation on the line and maybe loose customers with the use of these outside carriers!!
  2. To the best of my knowledge this very subject is in front the national arbitrator right now. This has been a sore spot with everyone since the company basically thumbed their nose at the contract. We can only hope that the arbitrator does the right thing and hopefully this gets resolved soon. Hang in there I knows its frustrating.
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    You have no idea how much this statement gets thrown around. That's all I've been hearing for the last 3 years. It's almost a joke anymore among alot of the drivers.
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    I hope things change for the better real soon. The other bad thing is at our terminal we have some drivers with bed runs that work all week long, then sign the weekend extra board every week and those poor bottom guys that only get 2 to 3 days a week can't even get the extra weekend runs!!!! You gotta love it!!!!!!!!!
  5. On top of the contractor situation, is anyone else having equipment shortages? Both our extras were told to stay home again because he have no dollies. I was in South Holland and they only had 5 or 6. Of course there were 30 or so "triples" dollies over by the shop but we can't use those.
  6. Yep, we get that one from the union and of course from management were told "we don't see the big picture". The best one tonight though was the Watkins trailer in south holland. I was laughing so hard I almost peed myself.
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    Does your contract have a provision in there that eliminates contractors? In parcel, it is allowed only to start a new run. After 30 days, it HAS to go up for bid as a mileage, lay down or sleeper. If it does, grievance is the only procedure that will get it stopped. It may take awhile, but, believe me, it will be stopped.

    If your contract does NOT have this in, by all means, in next negotiations, get his in there. DO have a copy of your contract, right?
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    Also, does your contract have that all except 10 %ers are guaranteed the equivalant of 40 hours? If so, then these bottom guys should be getting the w/e runs. BUT, and this is a BIG but, are they answering their phones on the w/e? I found that to be true here, again I say HERE. Everyone screamed about adding runs or wanting more time. One time the BA stood in front of the crowd and said, "It may mean some of you working w/es". Boy, Howdy! Everyone shouted, "Hell, Yes!".

    The company added their first laydown here and it payed very well. It meant leaving on Sat morn and not getting back til Sun morn. Well, you know what? Everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY, passed on that like a bad penny! It went down to almost the last driver!

    SO, if your contract does have this in, these drivers should be called when there is extra work if they don't have their 40 in. But, again, find out if they're answering the phone also.

    I repeat the question, YOU DO HAVE A COPY OF YOUR CONTRACT, RIGHT?
  9. As stewart I do have a copy and article 45 states that "No contractors shall work ahead of bargaining members on layoff". The problem is that the company contests that these are "one-way" lanes with no return freight. Ours counter has been that by definition "extra board drivers are REQUIRED to carry an overnight bag at all times since they do not have set schedules and must "chase" the freight. This is why this matter is in front of the arbitrator at this time. But it appears the company is stalling looking for a reason to keep using these scabs. Now equipment pools are dwindling throughout the system and since the customers have to be serviced, if we can't move the freight on our trucks, the contract does permit the use of contractors to meet "excess" customer demands. So it looks like round 2 is about to begin. IMHO
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    Scab, a term of scorn for one who takes the job of a union worker during a strike.
    Is there a strike?
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    We have a extra board and a fell in board as well and that's what the bottom guys are getting there 2 to 3 days a week from. Every week they post a sign up sheet for extra runs on Sat. and Monday and we have a bunch of senior driver that have bid runs that sign up every week and get the extra runs!! We all know they have the right to sign up for that work too, but it really sucks for the guys that only get a few days a week!

    As far as having a contract yes I have 3 and I do read it as well!!! In my contract its article 44 that address the outside contractors and the company clearly broke the contract using contractors while guys are laid off!!! This is our first contract and we all know that there is a lot of thing's that need to be improved upon, it just sucks that guys are being starved while the outside carriers get the miles!!
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    Welcome to the union of "All for one and I'm for me".
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    I don't think union has any thing to do with it!! It's just some people think that because they make good money means they need a brand new house new cars a boat a motorcycle and on and on. The thing I don't understand is why have all that and have to work 6 or 7 days a week to pay for it and never have time to enjoy it!! If I have to rely on over time or extra runs to survive somethings wrong cause I enjoy my weekend off with the family!!!!!!
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    Slave, it's my understanding that "extra board" drivers have ALWAYS been required to "chase" the freight at Overnite, is that not so? Could it be that you can grieve this on "past practice" then?

    Yeah, it appears that the reason your equipment is disappearing is that very reason, the contractors are hauling it one-way and not bringing anything back. I have many friends at our local UPSFreight here and they said they never had this problem when it was Overnite. How unusual!

    Anyway, it doesn't appear that this is "excess" customer demands. It looks like the company is utilizing contractors by taking said equipment away, leaving you guys with nothing to haul it with. That's not "excess" customer demands, that's managements fault. If you can prove this, then it looks like you have another good case.

    Keep us informed, please.
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    Strickly, OK, I understand you do have a contract. Sorry if I was a little condescending with that question but you wouldn't believe how many people get their hackles up about an issue that have never been to a meeting, never looked at a contract, never HAD a contract or never even bothered to join the union! That's why I even ask.

    I still have to ask, tho, does your contract have a provision that guarantees 40 hrs for even the bottom employees? The extra board and others? I'm in parcel and that's all I really know other than what I have been told by others from your side. It IS too bad that some have got to hog all the $, but, sadly, that's a grime fact of life. It sure would be the right thing to do to "Obamasize", that is, spread the wealth and let some of these other drivers at least share but we know that ain't gonna happen. Either grieve it if you have a violation or TELL those drivers that ain't getting their runs to hang by the phone.

    As far as the company is breaking the contract and using outsiders instead of layoffs, then it has to be continually grieved. It may take some time but if you KNOW you're in the right and have done your homework, it will pay off. Don't get burned out! Continue to grieve it.
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    Our contract is not as good as the package sides, but we got one at least. We don't have a 40hr guarantee on the road board and as far as chasing the freight on the extra board or running "wild" as it used to be called. That was done away with last fall at our terminal and we are looking into grieving on past practice!!!

    Tanks for everyone input!!!!
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    We have the same problem here in Central Florida we have road drivers that are on layoff status. they have been allowed to bump back into the local cartage bumping the lowest man, but when extra runs come up they have first choice. i used to be the jockey but got bumped back onto the dock, on outbound we average about 19 trailers a day and at least 9 of them are brought in by contractors. the union says its doing all it can to stop it but nothing has been done yet, we keep losing runs:angry-very2:
  18. Well call sonny strong, he's a city driver( sleeper) here in Indy, he the idoit that wanted this crappy contract voted on quickly.

    We have city drivers that are at home, while management is bring in dock cdl to do there work at 1500 ,1600 and the city guys have more senority. YAHHHHHH for overnite.
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    How can you be city driver AND sleeper driver?
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    you dont understand why they do it? because CRST and werner drivers make something like 27 cents a mile and our guys make around 60