No More Split Shift Pay

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by MrFedEx, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. MrFedEx

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    As usual, nothing is given without a Takeaway and effective Mar 25, split shift pay is gone. I won't go intothe BS rationale, but it is completely lame. Fred taketh away and giveth nothing back. Smith and this entire cheap sompany Suck!
  2. SmithBarney

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    i missed this... when was anouncement.. i was told no more split routes were allowed.
  3. whenIgetthere

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    That sucks for all the swing drivers! There may be very few split shifts left, but the swing drivers will still be working them. Glad I'm not a swing anymore!!!
  4. Artee

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    2nd and 3rd shift pay has also been eliminated.
  5. MrFedEx

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    Why does FedEx do this? Because they can screw us at will. Nope, no union needed here.
  6. Mr. 7

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    I haven't heard this either and I'm on a 2 hr. lunch right now.
  7. MrFedEx

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    Starts March 25th. I suggest simply refusing to take a split. Conversely, have them restructure the route. Thanks, Fred!!!
  8. Damon77

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    Confirmed. I saw the memo this morning as well. Utter bull crap. Still think we don't need a union? Pass the koolaid.
  9. 55+

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    Not a bit surprised by this..just waitin for the next bomb to drop..
  10. MrFedEx

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    The chubby old man in the rumpled suit has just effed-us again. Any "believers" still out there?
  11. vantexan

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    I was thinking today about what else could be taken at some point.

    401k match
    Cash balance plan
    Tuition reimbursement
    6 month bonus
    sick day bonus

    Could possibly eliminate vacation beyond 2 weeks a year. Might substantially increase insurance premium or do away with healthcare. Hadn't even thought about split pay. Anyone get the feeling that it's a matter of time until at least some of the above are gone?
  12. Myort

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    Not sure if I would be too paranoid about losing other things. I figured this day would come, considering anyone hired after March 1st 2003 did not get these shift premiums. In the handout they gave it said less than half of all employees are eligible anyways.
  13. Sieg Heil And Smile

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    Sieg Heil And Smile :usaflag2:
  14. vantexan

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    They did take away the traditional pension. If we get raises every year don't be too surprised if they get some of it back in other areas.
  15. El Morado Diablo

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    This is going to go over well with our work group. Amazingly, our SM told us in their last visit that "if upper-management didn't see a boost in SFA scores after the recent pay actions they were going to say why bother in the future". Seems pretty laughable to try and coerce better scores from wage slaves when pay actions like this are coming down the pike.
  16. fedex_rtd

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    Once again I had to learn of this second hand...My manager won't come out and tell me this kind of stuff. My second shift pay is $0.35 per hour, that works out to about $720 a year that Fred just put back in his pocket. One of the posters said that people hired after 2003 did not get this pay, and while this is correct, I think Fred may have finally :censored2: off a group of senior drivers...The RT drivers are mostly made up of guys and gals that have been with the company for a very long time, ALL of the long haul drivers that work between 5pm and 7am are senior people hired WELL before 2003, for these drivers most of them get 3rd shift pay, and most of them work on average 45 hours per week, with 3rd shift pay being $0.50 per hour your looking at taking at least $1100 or more out of these drivers who have 15, 20, and 25 years with the company.

    Now what I want to know from a Teamsters point of view, since RTD'S work for AGFS and not DGO, does this put us in a different wage class for organizing? If it does Fred just :censored2: off the group that can really put a hurt on his operation.

    The one way we can fight back now is to get this out in the social media. Make a status post on your FaceBook page, let the world know that FedEx is taking this money away from you, tell your friends that maybe when they ship that package that they should think about whether or not the company they are shipping with pays their hourly employees fairly or not.
  17. This is no surprise to some of us. Me and a good friend(plus some of you follow friends on here) said months ago fedex gives nothing away WITHOUT taking something in return. Fred wasn't going to give 6% raises to some of us without taking some $ back. We haven't seen the last of this one....What else does Fred have in store?!?1
  18. Ricochet1a

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    RTDs are considered a separate "craft" from Couriers in DGO. The fact that one is in AGFS or DGO is irrelevant for RLA purposes - it is the craft which is looked at for organizing within the company. Express is the only opco within FedEx Corporation which is covered under RLA rules - the other opcos are covered under NLRA rules. The other opco which is a prime target for organizing is Freight - the drivers.

    The pilots of Express (the employee pilots, NOT the contracted feeder pilots) are indeed a craft of their own and have organized under RLA rules.

    There are 4 primary crafts within Express which are "prime" goals for organizing.

    1) Mechanics

    2) Couriers

    3) RTDs

    4) Ramp Agents

    All other crafts have either high turnover, or have too few employees spread out across the country to be cost effective for a union to organize.

    The IBT has been trying for years to get the mechanics to organize. Express has managed to stay one step ahead of the IBT by keeping mechanic compensation competitive with other airlines and (for the non airframe/powerplant) competitive with market norms. Talk to a mechanic and find out about all the special "pay" they receive. This keeps their base pay a bit lower than the market average - but their other pay brings them up in actual compensation.

    The big prize for organizing Express are the Couriers - they are by far the largest craft within Express and if organized, would naturally lead other crafts into wanting labor contract protection.

    Each craft organizes as a separate "unit". So if the Couriers somehow managed to organize, the contract (assuming no lockout) they negotiate WOULDN'T apply to any of the other labor crafts within Express. Look in your employee handbook, you'll see a disclaimer that the contents of the handbook DON'T apply to employee covered by a labor agreement. Well, the only employees of Express which are covered by a labor agreement are the pilots... They had sense enough to not trust Fred and organized.

    I haven't got any feedback on this change yet, but it does appear to be the first direct consequence of the FAA reauthorization bill finally being passed 6 weeks ago and Express securing a change in the requirements for petitions for a certification election - a change that requires 50% of craft to sign representation cards to have an election, NOT the previous 35%. In essence, the drive to get representation cards signed has turned into a de facto election. This change has made it impractical if not outright impossible to ever get organized labor into Express. The IBT won't lift a finger until and unless Express is either removed from RLA rules or the requirements for a certification election get drastically reduced - to say about 20% of craft signing cards. Neither of those possibiliites will ever happen in the forseeable future - if ever.

    Express knows that there is no way in hell that half of employees in any craft will ever sign representation cards - there are just too damn many halfwits and KoolAid drinkers out there.

    While it is true that the RTDs tend to have a lot of years under their belts with Express - that may start to change. No doubt, this change will cost the average RTD between $500 and $1000 a year - but not many are willing to either leave Express and start over at another company or start signing representation cards.

    Social media...

    They don't care.

    The truth has been out about Ground for years - no one cares about the drivers being paid peanuts for what they do.

    The overwhelming majority of people out there think Express is absolutely sterling. FedEx has paid big bucks over the years to build this reputation and having a few employees complain that their compensation was cut during a "bad economy" will fall on deaf ears. In 2009, when there was a slim possibility of Express losing its RLA status, the employees of Express didn't speak up (as a collective whole), they sat on their hands, waiting for change to come. Fred pulled out his checkbook, the cash flowed and he kept his treasured special exemption.

    Now the employees of Express are going to pay the price.


    The weasel giveth, the weasel taketh away....and way more than what he giveth in the first place.
  20. fedex_rtd

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    There are only two reasons for this to have happened, either we are in poor financial shape, or it's corporate greed! For a full time RTD that works 3rd shift that 3% pay raise just fell to 1.1%