No Sick Days

I was in a car accident today and thought I was fine but now I am having back pain and on my way to the ER. I know I don't have any days to take off, what happens when I bring them a doctors note? I'm assuming I wouldn't be paid still?


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Not gonna get paid for time you didn’t work if you don’t have any days. They aren’t gonna pay because your injury was off the clock outside of work.

Up In Smoke

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Let's get some details so maybe we can help.
1. Was your accident at work. if so
2. Did you report it?
3. Did you inform your employer of your need for medical treatment?
4. Did you ask for a copy of the accident/injury report?
5. Did you contact your steward?

If it occurred off the clock, it's your insurance and your dime. You will qualify for short term disability if the lost time is greater than 1 week.

PT Crazy

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Back pain....go to urgent care not ER. You will may pay through the nose for your bill. Unless they keep you overnight.