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  1. Bob Saget

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    Hi all, just started at UPS. I was a seasonal for about a month then was asked to become permanent about two months ago. Here’s the deal, in those two months I’ve worked a total of 7 days. I was getting some hours as local sort here and there but that came to an end about three weeks ago. Here’s my question- Did you guys go through the same thing? Is this normal? What or where did you guys find work during this time? Basically I wake up around 6:30am and call the center, then they tell if I’m working or not. I call EVERY SINGLE DAY. I know I need to get a part time job to at least keep myself afloat. The problem is that in my area it’s either a factory or retail. Both of which are not at all flexible. I’m dirt broke. Burned through my savings paying bills. My sup told me I’d get more hours in Sept. because of fed ex dropping amazon. Well, I haven’t seen those hours. Then he told me UPS allows more hours in the month of October, well two days into Oct. and not a single day of driving. My training route is pretty stout and I have to know it. I was told to drive it on my time off but I don’t know how the heck I’m supposed to do that when I can hardly afford to buy gas. Anyways, I know I shouldn’t complain. What I’ve learned so far is to never trust your sup, or at least get your hopes up. I can’t keep doing this much longer, or I’ll be living in a box.
    Any advice would be great.
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    Everybody goes through this.
  3. Turdferguson

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    Hold out a bit longer. Peak season is coming you will get more hours than you want then
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    Could the OP go to a temp agency to find work until peak season starts?

    He's not gonna like the work but something is better than nothing.
  5. Maple Grove MN Driver

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    File for unemployment
  6. Box Ox

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    If you show up every day and ask around, there will be drivers who will gladly let you run their routes so they can have a day off.
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    Not a qualified driver. Still running a training route when he can.
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    Dunno why he’s not running it every day. Training routes at my center are always in and their bid drivers can’t kick trainees off as far as I know.

    I also ran multiple routes before I was ever officially qualified on a trainer. Could be the exception to the general rule, though.
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    Talk to a steward or your BA. In my area, part timers who go driving can, during their qualifying period, exercise their seniority to work inside on days that they don't drive. This probably doesn't apply to you based on your circumstances, but they will be able to tell you if you have any options for getting some hours. Also, you only have so long to get through your 30 days, so check on that as well. You don't want to go through all this just to find out you didn't qualify in time, and have to start over, or be let go all together.
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    It’s hard that first year and is the same at my hub. The good news is, if you can tough it out for a year, it should be better by spring of next year. Until then, try any of those delivery jobs (grub hub, shipt, etc) or sell everything you own on eBay.

    Here, it wasn’t until mid November last year that I had reliable work. Then it stopped early January.
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    In my building, people are having a hard time getting PHs and split days because we do not have enough drivers.
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    I was in a slightly different position than you last fall. I was able to work every day while I was qualifying.

    However, I’m commenting to say this - if you stick it out and end up qualifying. Save as much money as you possibly can during peak, because you probably won’t be driving regularly again until May. The first year driving is rough.