Non management hourly employees having access to the company computers

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    What is the policy for hourly employees being allowed to access the company programs especially when it`s not part of their job description (driver) and it takes a user name/password to do this as well as no management being present at the time? Once they are into the system can they get to more personal files such as time cards, payroll info, personal info.

    I would think this would be frowned upon, wouldn`t it?
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    I'm not aware of any UPS programs that allow access to other's personal information that does not have administrative controls built into it to limit access.
    Is there a specific application/program you have a question about?
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    This person has access to feeder programs and such. There`s a bit of an uproar because, as mentioned, it is not part of this persons job description. The FT area sup has trained this driver how to work the programs as well as provided a user name/password so that the sup can leave the area/ go home and the driver makes up his own work. A big part of the problem is the driver now thinks it`s his job to give work to others as well which is not being received well at all. I believe the unions outlook on this would be that hourlies don not supervise other hourlies.

    And as I asked there was some concern as to what other programs he could access.
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    Most programs that can be accessed on UPS computers each have their own separate login IDs. So, If I was to give you my login ID to log into my workstation, you could start windows, but you would not be able to get into the program I use for timecards, or the one I use for employee attendance and work history, or the one for vacation scheduling, etc. Each of them has a unique login.

    If I gave you the ID for the program to say, input feeder movements from one hub to another, you could do that, but would not be able to access any employee data.

    As an aside, if I gave you any of these IDs, I would be violating UPS data security policy...

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    I have a wonderful idea, cachsux... Is there a policy about non management people worrying about things that are none of their buisness. Let's make it simple for you.. While your concern is definitely not appreciated or needed you shouldn't sweat the small stuff. If your job is to drive, then drive. If it's to sort, then sort. Everything else, leave it to the professionals. I'm pretty sure in your job description it doesn't say anything about computer programs, or observing other employees. As far as the personal information.... If you are a victim of identity theft, then we'll take a look at it, until then WORK AS INSTRUCTED!!!!!!!!!

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    The funny thing is that in six months you guys will be greving this position due to past practice...
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    No, the funny thing is it`s a member of management who`s having a driver do his work for him so he can skate on home. A member of management doing something that violates company policy, who would have thought?
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    But that's none of your concern. It's not too late to be a part time supervisor and then you can work your way up the ladder and fire this individual.. Until then.... WORK AS INSTRUCTED!!!!
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    Don't you have better things to worry about???
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    Well,seeing as you`re so far under me as to not have the authority to tell me to work as instructed I`ll wait until someone who comes along that does.
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    Just asking a question, not taking action. But as incompetent as this FT sup is he`ll come around to asking others to do the same thing and they would like to know what to say to him when he does.

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    Unfortunately you don't have a stripe. You have to listen to 18 year kids running around in polos. They have the authority to instruct you. The good thing is you are too busy during your day so you don't need anyone to follow you around and supervise you. That's what I like busy teamsters..
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    You`re so angry! Have you tried Midol for those cramps?
  14. Wow, I hate to think that me and UPS Socks wear the same shirt.

    Cach, I understand where you are coming from. while not an hourly anymore (do not regret the descsion), there is really nothing you can do except bring your concerns to the higher-ups. As someone else said most UPS programs have seperate log-ins for each and passwords are reset every 30 days.

    One thing I can think of is that by the hourly doing his Sups work cause him to work longer, there might be a seniority issue there, but I can not think of much.
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    One thing to consider, is if the hourly employee is using and ID/pwd not assigned to him, he's in violation of corporate policy concerning the sharing of passwords, as is the person who shared that ID/pwd

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    We don't wear the same shirt, I'm willing to bet my socks cost more than your whole outfit.....
  17. I highly doubt that, but I am not going to get into a pissing match with you over trivial stuff. Go and study your DOK before Keter fails you.
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    Probably your panties too.
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    If it concerns you so much, call the 800 concerns line and report it. They can take action on this issue--no one on this board can. You already have the solution to the problem that is bothering you.

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    My department doesn't have DOK'S young man. I am one of the Keter auditors.... Coming to a building near you... soon...